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Container diesel generator sets have exceptionally high reliability. Especially in areas where general commercial power supply (GRID) is unstable or prone to regular power outages. They are a reliable backup power source, because the diesel generator not only functions as an emergency power source but also optimise additional power to the site-load shedding capability.

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By Nina Wyers, Marketing & Brand Director at The Floorbrite Group

Aside from the impact the public health crisis has had on the NHS, the impact on our schools and education system has also been far reaching with many challenges still ahead. As a mother of three boys myself, ranging from Primary to High School age, I sympathise with all parents and teachers, from managing the home-schooling during lockdowns to the dual classroom versus virtual teaching methods adopted during COVID isolation periods as class bubbles are compromised (I’ve had at least 7 of these), and the all-round operating of schools and colleges, having to make rapid decisions often without much information or clarification from the government. In these uncertain times, the environment in which the education sector functions is constantly changing, the rules in which they operate are constantly under review and can change at very short notice.
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Todd Research, one of the UK’s leading experts in X-ray security technology, is offering a thorough health check for X-ray scanners that have been dormant throughout lockdown, as well as guidance on what to consider before a scanner is switched on again. X-ray scanners are designed to be in constant operation and, if they are turned off for a long time, a variety of problems can arise, such as damage to critical components. The specialist service from Todd Research includes a thorough regeneration check, routine maintenance, and safety checks on radiation levels, irrespective of the make and model of the scanner. The company has also created a five-point checklist that will help users to ensure their X-ray machines continue to be used safely and effectively, in accordance with current regulations.
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For over 25 years, global company Premier Tech Water and Environment has been protecting our properties and our environment with sustainable local solutions. With over 100,000 installations already across the globe, Ecoflo is a proven system for enhancing wastewater effluent quality for a variety of applications. Now, Premier Tech Water and Environment has brought Ecoflo to the UK market, to further improve the effluent quality for both residential and commercial projects that require off-mains wastewater treatment.
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