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Pizza Oven Supplies: The experts in Pizza Ovens providing truly excellent customer service

Building and Facilities News is pleased to announce Pizza Oven Supplies as the recipient of our Outdoor Cooking Company of the Year Award; Pizza Oven Supplies, who by designing and building a truly impressive range of high quality pizza ovens, is leading the charge into a market which just keeps on growing in the UK.

Husband & Wife Nick & Sam, Directors of Pizza Oven Supplies receiving the Company of the Year Award

Pizza Oven Supplies is no ordinary company. This can be said with regards to not only what Pizza Oven Supplies design and build, but with how the company is run and by what standards. A large part of what makes Pizza Oven Supplies so worthy of this award is the emphasis placed on the customer, giving the customer the exact service they require while exceeding their expectations. This can be explained by backtracking slightly to the origins of Pizza Oven Supplies, back to where it all began.

Pizza Oven Supplies was founded by Nick Riley and his partner Sam after Nick had visited the Greek island of Rhodes and observed the usage of wood fired pizza ovens all over the island. Used for cooking throughout the day, the pizza ovens brought community members, friends and family together to break bread and share time with one another. From then on, Nick was determined to build his own pizza oven. And who can blame him, because what’s more important than spending time with family and friends, especially over delicious food?

After several years of research and reading around pizza ovens, Nick had come to a conclusion: the wealth of information available online was haphazard, contradictory and downright confusing. There were almost innumerable questions for which to find the answers to. Costs for materials varied drastically from supplier to supplier, for instance, and finding non-contradictory information just proved a fruitless task. Having eventually found the correct information and building his own pizza oven, Nick spared a thought for the countless number of people set to endure this difficulty in the future. Thus, Pizza Oven Supplies was born.

To begin with, Nick travelled up and down the UK building ovens for people, sharing his knowledge and expertise as he went. Soon, however, demand began to grow and a gap in the market allowed Nick and Sam to establish Pizza Oven Supplies. Today, Pizza Oven Supplies both designs and builds pizza ovens and offer pizza oven kits, whereby the customer has the pleasure of building the oven themselves using the materials and detailed instructions provided.

The use of pizza ovens in the UK is growing rapidly, and it really isn’t hard to see why. Able to cook a range of foods (as well, of course, as being able to cook the most authentic pizza possible) the pizza oven proves a fantastic addition to any garden or outdoor space. But it is not only the food which makes the pizza oven such an attractive investment. What you are buying when investing in a pizza oven is countless garden parties and family cookouts; lazy days spent tweaking recipes for pizza dough and carefully selecting toppings. Owning a pizza oven opens up a whole new world of culinary opportunities, as well as opportunities to spend time with family and friends. After all, there’s no party like a pizza party.
Based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, Pizza Oven Supplies offers a range of pizza ovens varying in size and with varying features, but what remains constant throughout this range is the ability of the ovens to be built into virtually any space. Nick is extremely creative, having worked around difficult obstacles and challenging spaces.

Perhaps the most popular pizza oven in the range is the Milan 750, ideal for domestic use but still capable of commercial use. Able to cook two ten-inch pizzas (professionals have cooked four), the Milan 750 is handmade in Stoke-on-Trent and comes with a refractory, insulated two piece oven floor and a 750mm wide cooking area and a refractory three piece dome with a 480mm opening. This proves the perfect option for customers with an idea already in mind of what they want and some of the apparatus already in possession. In fact, Nick and Sam are constantly improving their pizza ovens, and the Milan 750 is no exception, having now being upgraded to a five-piece oven.

Alternatively, customers can invest in the Milan 750 Pizza Oven Kit. This kit contains all of the necessary parts to quickly and effectively build your pizza oven, including the dome and floor, the kit includes: refractory bricks for the oven floor with fire proof cement and grog, a 500mm chimney, insulation and reinforcement (kiln blanket, aluminium vapour barrier and chicken wire) and heatproof silicone. Additional cut bricks for a brick finish are available, with Pizza Oven Supplies offering to cut bricks off-site (cutting bricks is noisy, filthy and laborious).

The Milan 750 is but one of a varied range of pizza ovens and each and every last one of them is built to the most stringent levels of quality. In fact, Pizza Oven Supplies’ ovens are designed on the mathematical principle observed by Fibonacci in the middle-ages. In short, it’s a tried and tested design which is built to last for many, many years to come.

In reality, Nick and Sam can offer customers a completely bespoke and unique service; all you need to do is call up (you’ll only ever speak to Sam or Nick) and Sam and Nick will be able to carefully listen to what the customer wants, what they already have, and what they need. If it so happens that a customer needs a very specific part or a couple of parts, but not a whole kit, that can easily be arranged. This kind of customer service is what sets Pizza Oven Supplies apart from the competition, and you’ll be hard pressed to find another company which treats customers like Pizza Oven Supplies does. Whether it is pre-sale or post-sale, Sam and Nick are willing to lend an ear and give their best advice.

With new models in the pipeline, be sure to get in contact with Pizza Oven Supplies, or visit their website using the details below.

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