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Robert Scott introduces new addition to its sustainable Toucan Eco range

Robert Scott has launched Centrego Renew, a highly sustainable disinfectant generator that uses just water, salt and electricity to make two litres of powerful, antibacterial multi-surface cleaner in four minutes.

The latest addition to the company’s innovative Toucan Eco range, Centrego Renew has been developed in response to customer demand for enhanced choice and versatility in its sustainable cleaning solutions.

Compared to the one litre capacity of the existing Toucan Eco Worktop Centrego Renew enables users to create double the amount of disinfectant cleaner, helping increase efficiency and reduce downtime of cleaning regimes. The UK-designed product is also significantly sturdier and more durable, making it the perfect solution for busy small to medium spaces.

The hypoallergenic disinfectant produced by Centrego Renew replaces the need for up to 80% of cleaning chemicals, as well as the single use plastic bottles they come in. Centrego Renew makes fast-acting cleaning fluid in just four minutes, or eight minutes for double strength solution. Any surplus solution reverts to its original state which can be safely disposed of down the sink.

Steve Courtney, product lead for Toucan Eco at Robert Scott, commented, “The Toucan Eco range represents a truly revolutionary step in sustainable commercial cleaning. It’s proven hugely popular with customers and it’s always been important for us to continue working with the industry to understand their needs and keep updating the range to meet that demand.

“Centrego Renew is the result of this ongoing dialogue. It’s much more versatile than its predecessor and makes the Toucan Eco range an even more compelling proposition for businesses looking to make more sustainable choices. Indeed, by swapping harsh chemical cleaners for Centrego Renew, businesses can significantly improve their carbon footprint without compromising on results.”

The Centrego Renew has already been trialled by a number of existing customers, including The Restaurant Group (TRG), one of the UK’s largest hospitality groups. TRG has used the Toucan Eco system since 2021 and saved 2.7 tonnes of plastic packaging and 35,000 tonnes of chemical distribution in its first year of use alone. It recently phased Centrego Renew in across its sites.

The cleaning solution produced by Centrego Renew is 99.99% water, hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite and is certified to EN 14476, EN 16777, EN 1276 and EN 13697 standards. It is also registered as a UK biocide. The pH of the solution is around a 7.8 to 8.5 so it’s not aggressive like bleach and, as it’s safe, you don’t need protective clothing or PPE. It’s simple to make onsite using the device and takes a matter of minutes for the electrolysis process to convert the salt water to a powerful but safe disinfectant cleaner.

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