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Testing room integrity for airtightness

Today, and in fighting this awful virus, it has never been more pertinent to test room integrity, for airtightness. A building that is not airtight cannot be properly mechanically ventilated. Now is the time to build tight, ventilate right.

Existing methods for achieving pressurisation are intrusive, costly, and ineffective, and require third party contractors. The user cannot identify specific areas of leakage, leaving remedial action to inaccurate speculation. While 2020 hit the pause button, innovation thrived.

There is now a unique solution from Coltraco Ultrasonics who have brought testing for airtightness, and air permeability into the 21st Century. Coltraco Ultrasonics applied 30 years of expertise to design a solution both to help protect the NHS against the spread of airborne diseases, and improve our buildings’ air quality delivering contaminant and dirt free air. Air leaks with a diameter as small as 0.5mm can now be detected and quickly located with the Portascanner® AIRTIGHT 520.

For the first time, with minimal training, the user can locate a leak, quantify the leak site, calculate the air flow rate through it, and generate an air permeability value for the room. You can then take accurate remedial action, and have full confidence in both the airtightness of your room, and the effectiveness of your ventilation in circulating clean air. The built environment can now go above and beyond standards, with the ability to photograph, record, and export test reports, all in the tap of a finger.

Portascanner® AIRTIGHT 520 is a new solution to ensure that buildings are airtight so that people can be confident that they are returning to ‘safe buildings’ and ‘safe working’ by properly ventilating them. This is to ensure that all ventilation systems are operating effectively, and thereby enhance indoor air quality (IAQ) which has now become a poignant issue.

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