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ABUS UK offer new total door security

For many years, ABUS Door Bars have made a successful contribution to ABUS’ security portfolio in Germany. While these products offer spectacular additional door security, their very specific fitting requirements have meant their sale in the UK would be mostly limited to distributors able to offer a professional fitting service.

Now ABUS UK has many committed locksmiths across the country, their professional expertise would be very easily adapted to fitting these products that will give consumers greatly enhanced property and personal security. ABUS UK offer those distributors, able to offer their customers a simple fitting service, a double potential sale: supply and fit an ABUS Door Bar.

Additional fitting kits are available to adapt to differing door openings or structure if needed. Most important is the 2 keyed versions are supplied with a high security dimple-key Euro Cylinder, which can be exchanged and re-fitted to suit any ABUS or existing door cylinder system.

The market for Door Bars is both commercial, where there is any building or room that keeps within it significant cash, jewellery or other target valuables.

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