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Chubb joins the Lancashire Skills Pledge

Committing to community engagement and employment excellence in Blackburn

Chubb Fire & Security is proud to announce its recent commitment to the Lancashire Skills Pledge, solidifying its role as a leading employer in the Blackburn community, where its UK headquarters is located. By joining this vital initiative, Chubb underscores its dedication to nurturing local talent and enhancing employment opportunities across the region.

The Lancashire Skills Pledge, which recognises organisations actively contributing to skill development and employment opportunities, now counts Chubb among its esteemed network of over 400 businesses. As part of this pledge, Chubb is committed at empowering individuals and fostering a skilled workforce that can meet the challenges of tomorrow.

As a new member, Chubb has been awarded a Skills Pledge certificate and a member badge – symbols of its dedication to community development. These emblems represent Chubb’s promise to inspire, upskill, and create pathways for career advancement within the local community.

Kirsty Brooks, Director of Employee Experience and Development at Chubb, commented on the partnership, saying, “By signing the Lancashire Skills Pledge, we reaffirm our commitment to the professional growth of our employees and to the broader Blackburn community. We are excited to play a central role in shaping a future where everyone can access the opportunities they need to succeed.”

Chubb’s engagement with the Lancashire Skills Pledge is an opportunity to showcase its ongoing learning initiatives and successes in community involvement. This partnership is especially significant as Chubb continues to strengthen its presence in Blackburn. This strategic move enhances Chubb’s workforce capabilities and enriches the company’s community ties. The Skills Pledge aligns perfectly with Chubb’s goals to provide meaningful employment opportunities and be an active participant in Lancashire’s economic development.

Chubb is looking forward to making a lasting impact and fostering an environment where every individual has the opportunity to thrive. To find out more about Chubb’s opportunities in the region and throughout the UK, please visit: