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Magnetic attraction
Whether a retail store, public building, contemporary office interior or a residential building, flexible magnetic and attractive ferrous materials work together with visually stunning results. Creating striking graphics, feature walls and creative planning spaces that capture attention, inspire and can be changed or updated with additional layers as desired.

Flexible and layered
The flexible nature of supamag® magnetic sheet allows it to be applied to flat or curved surfaces, creating a magnetic face to which digifilm® ferrous media is attracted. Once in contact with the magnetic surface the flexible ferrous media is held in place indefinitely and will not move until replaced.

digifilm® ferrous media provides a vibrant, high quality print finish that brings designs to life, creating stunning large format displays and graphics walls. The thin and flexible properties of ferrous media allow multiple layers to be overlaid on top of one another to instantly update graphics and displays.

Simple and cost-effective
Changing or adding additional layers of ferrous media is quick, easy and doesn’t require specialist installation teams, simply roll the layer of media on or off of the magnetic face. This ease of application allows users to refresh and update their visual spaces cost effectively, without downtime and as often as required.

Creative spaces
Visual planning walls and spaces are now commonplace within modern workplaces, typically providing a dry-wipe writing surface. By using supaferro® flexible and magnetically receptive ferrous material to create the dry-wipe surface the planning space becomes interactive, allowing plans, images and notes to be magnetically attached to the surface.

Safe and secure
supamag® and supaferro® are available with a range of high strength adhesives which bond securely to any non-porous surface, allowing installation during the second fix phase of a build or retro fitting at a later date.

Knowledge and experience
Anchor Magnets have been at the forefront of flexible magnetic and attractive ferrous materials for over 30 years.

We’re passionate about magnetic and ferrous materials and their potential to provide solutions. Our expertise and experience mean we’re best placed to offer advice, guidance and support from your projects conception to completion.

To find out more about how Anchor Magnets can help you, call 0114 244 1171 & speak to our experts.