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Ask the Expert: AFDD Hybrid Distribution Board

Hager’s AFDD Hybrid Distribution Boards offer many installation, compliance, and aesthetic benefits for a variety of commercial projects. Mike Lawrence (pictured), commercial marketing manager at Hager, answers contractors’ frequently asked questions regarding them.

Why do I need to install AFDD?
Arc fault detection devices (AFDD) identify current flow and voltage curves that indicate an arc fault and then automatically disconnect the affected circuit. This significantly reduces the risk of fire due to faulty conductors and connections. The 18th Edition of BS 7671 has recommended the use of AFDD to provide additional fire protection.

What type of project is the Hager AFDD hybrid board suitable for?
Any small commercial project such as student accommodation, hotels, and house in multiple occupation (HMO) are ideally placed. Offering contractors ease of installation, the boards are also available pre-configured as required, prior to arrival on site. Different board designs cover single and three phase power requirements.

What additional benefits come with the AFDD hybrid board?
As well as being fitted with AFDD protection, the design of the Hager Hybrid Distribution Board has focussed on providing plenty of space and accessibility so contractors can work comfortably and with ease. In addition, the boards are aesthetically attractive, so they can be placed in suitable locations that may be visible without detracting from the surrounding environment.

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