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Bauder: High quality flat roof solutions

Building and Facilities News is delighted to recommend companies that offer an outstanding product and service. This is why we are pleased to present Bauder Ltd with our coveted Flat Roofing Company of the Month Award. This has been awarded to the company for their unrivalled roofing solutions and exceptional customer service.

Bauder is proud to be the leading supplier of flat roof solutions, working with architects, contractors, specifiers, developers, local authorities and educational establishments. Bauder offers a range of waterproofing systems and insulation to keep buildings watertight and thermally efficient. It is Bauder’s mission to provide clients with value, offering them a single point of contact that includes roof lights, outlets and associated accessories. All of its systems are installed by highly-skilled approved contractors, who ensure that each installation is carried out efficiently and proactively. Furthermore, Bauder also delivers bespoke CPD seminars to enhance client knowledge and discuss solution requirements.

During the seminars, Bauder will tailor the session to the client to meet their roofing requirements. The session lasts 45 minutes and provides clients with the opportunity to ask questions on a range of solution queries. The seminars are led by one of the company’s technical managers, who will hold sessions in a client’s office over a lunch period, keeping disruption to a minimum.

Bauder champions its expert workforce who work alongside clients from inception to completion. On new build projects, the team will assist in the design process, providing detailed drawings, weight loadings, technical calculations, tapered insulation schemes and waterproofing options.

For refurbishment projects the team will perform a number of comprehensive technical diagnostics to determine a course of action. This includes a consultation meeting to discuss requirements and determine which roofing system will be best suited to a project.

It is important to note that Bauder’s national network of approved contractors is provided with the relevant training, advice and support required to carry out high quality installations. Each contractor receives tuition that is completed in house and on site to pass Bauder’s assessments. Once completed, the company’s contractors are awarded an identity badge which evidences their competency and reassures clients that every project is carried out by highly-skilled members of staff. To maintain their high standard, the company carries out regular refresher courses, recognising the essentiality of experienced operatives.

The company offers a selection of roofing solutions, including its Solar PV solution, green roof and blue roof system. The BauderSOLAR photovoltaic solution features an integrated system in which the substructure and PV module combine to form a single unit, secured to the roof without any penetration to the waterproofing or deck structure.

Moreover, the green roof solutions offer clients recreational spaces that combine the finished planting scheme and its supportive components as well as offering light weight, low maintenance sedum systems for non-accessed roofs.

Lastly, the BauderBLUE Roof System offers a sustainable drainage method that is designed to attenuate and manage stormwater over a 24 hour period on a flat roof. This is achieved via a restrictive flow outlet and is designed specifically for each individual project

In a recent interview with Bauder’s Product Manager, Richard Clennell (pictured right), Richard told us about the company’s new moisture mapping roof survey. The survey pinpoints the location of moisture within an existing roof, identifying the level of moisture and its damage. Thanks to its unique testing methods, the true condition of the roof is identified and plotted, producing a visual data report that determines the remedial action required. Such an appraisal provides clear data on the roof’s exact condition, something no system has previously achieved.

The main benefit of the moisture mapping survey is that it provides the surveyor with accurate data, supplying the client with a reliable report on the exact work required, the proposals needed and the costing requisite. Because of this, the client can make a correct investment decision based on the evidence supplied, rather than on a subjective opinion.

Over the last couple of months, Bauder carried out surveys on three identical 600m² buildings, to identify levels of water ingress within each roof. Unsurprisingly, each building was revealed to suffer from different conditions, requiring different solutions to fix the problem. Bauder calculated the full cost saving and supplied it to the client, who appreciated the proven work required in comparison to other roofing solution suppliers.

In addition to this the project time for each roof was easily projected and costed for labour costs, contract periods, equipment and scaffolding hire. Similarly, moisture mapping is incredibly quick, accurate, low-cost and easily commissioned alongside a Bauder survey.

During our interview, we asked Richard if the company has any plans for the future. Richard told us that Bauder has opened a new factory that produces state-of-the-art flat and tapered face insulation boards. These boards will be added to the company’s product portfolio next year, and since the announcement has already garnered a lot of client interest.

Overall it is clear to see why so many businesses request Bauder’s services, so if you would like to get in touch with Bauder, contact them on the number below. Alternatively, if you would like to view an extensive range of their products and services, make sure you check out their website.

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