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Bespoke healthcare solutions & flood proof kitchens

Building and Facilities News is pleased to present Suprema Concepts and Flood Proof Kitchens, the latest addition to Suprema Group Limited, with its highly regarded Specialist Product Provider of the Month profile.

supremaconcepts_928_01Suprema Concepts is a dedicated designer, manufacturer and installer of specialist cabinets made specifically for the commercial and domestic markets. With a particular focus on healthcare, the company, which is based in Somerset, has years of experience working on projects at many important sites (surgeries, decontamination suites, reception areas, laboratories, pharmacies and dental and general teaching hospitals included).

supremaconcepts_928_03The group of informed industry experts take the time to understand customers’ needs whilst providing a range of advanced materials and processes. Guiding the client through the whole process ensures the best decisions can be made to create durable & functional workspaces, & 3D Solidworks® drawings & photorealistic images are employed during the design stage for complete clarity and confidence. The customised products, which are especially handmade, are then installed by specialist fitting teams in accordance with pre-established budgets and timescales.

“We are a company known to tackle the jobs others would shy away from,” commented Caroline Peebles Brown, Founder and Managing Director of Suprema Group. “We relish a challenge and make it our duty to listen to our customers’ requirements and then inform them of what we can do for them, making bespoke products. Since 2008 the business has focused on healthcare – largely doing dentistry and general hospital work – but the success that ensued encouraged us to pursue other avenues (principally the domestic & education sectors).”

supremaconcepts_928_05An area of notable importance in recent times relates to the domestic side of the business. This specifically regards the company’s range of premium quality flood proof kitchen cabinets, which are available in different colours and alternative materials. The robust units are constructed using AQUALINE, a 100% waterproof material, secured with stainless steel fittings and come with fabricated solid acrylic worktops (courtesy of brands such as CORIAN®, KRION®, HANEX® AND AVONITE®).

This penetration into the domestic market came about when a previous customer who had the product installed in his dental decontamination room requested that the system be incorporated into his home kitchen. The potential with the unit is huge, particularly because of its major hygiene and flood protection benefits, as Caroline explained, “We have produced a cabinet which is totally waterproof. Traditional cupboards found in kitchens are made of chipboard or MDF, which are ineffective during floods because they soak up water like a sponge. This would result in the entire kitchen being ripped out and the homeowner having to relocate whilst waiting extended periods for the room to dry.

supremaconcepts_928_04“Even if a standard kitchen was to be fitted soon after, it would soak up the residual moisture, essentially rendering it unusable. Our kit, meanwhile, doesn’t retain the moisture so it can be used to replace other cabinets much sooner, & even in cases where homes are susceptible to repeat flooding customers can rest assured that the new components will remain undamaged. In addition, the decorative panels and plinths are detachable, and all areas can be easily reached, making the entire cabinet accessible for the purposes of jet-washing and steam cleaning for residing dirt and grit removal.”

For more information about Suprema Concepts or its new range of Flood Proof Kitchens, which have been met with phenomenal feedback from customers, trade visitors and key industry decision makers alike, please get in touch using the contact details supplied below.

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