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CCL Wetrooms launches the new Linear Screed Dec

CCL Wetrooms, the UK’s leading wetroom specialist, has launched a new pre-formed tapered board to effortlessly create a consistent gradient on a solid floor. The Linear Screed Dec has been designed for use in combination with the shallow Linear Screed Drain and the new HBL-50 Wetroom levelling compound, and removes the need to create the falls directly into the screed.

The introduction of the new Linear Screed Dec and Hi build latex system, provides customers with a complete floor build up solution for a wetroom on a solid floor.

The Linear Screed Dec is ideal for use with the newly launched HBL-50 Wetroom Levelling Compound – a rapid set, high build fibre reinforced wetroom levelling compound which provides a fast track floor build up solution for wetrooms. Designed to be poured between 30-50mm in one pour, it provides an excellent substrate for the Linear Screed Dec pre-formed tapered board. The unique formulation incorporates specially graded fibres, cement and polymer, leaving a strong smooth base which compensates for uneven floor surfaces. Thanks to its rapid set formulation, the HBL-50 is ready to accept the Linear Screed Dec and can be waterproofed onto within 24 hours.

Available in nine standard lengths (300mm, 500mm, 700mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1,000mm, 1,100mm, 1,200mm, and 1,500mm) which are all trimmable on site, the new Linear Screed Dec is lightweight and easy to handle. Additional Decs can be combined to create a shower area of almost any size. The Linear Screed Dec cuts wetroom installation time thanks to its built in 11mm fall and in addition, removes the need to pour screed to falls on site, which can be a difficult and time-consuming process. The guaranteed gradient ensures tiling is straight forward and can take place immediately following the installation of RIW Tilesafe sheet waterproof membrane.

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