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Cleanbox Technology: Supporting business and employee safety since 2018

Businesses are open, the work force is starting to return to the office, and people are traveling again. While things are mostly ‘back to normal,’ for businesses, there is a new normal. Companies across industries have seen a significant shift in employees moving from one company or industry to another, or altogether (for a time, anyway) out of the workforce.

One business fact that has only been amplified over the past two years is the need for companies to take their employee’s health and safety seriously. Cleanbox Technology, as the Global Leader in Smart Tech Hygiene, helped keep businesses alive and their employees safe during COVID and continues in their mission to increase employee safety and mitigate risk for businesses.

Introducing the OmniClean2
The OmniClean2 is the ideal solution for general employee health and wellness. It is a product that meets business pain points well past the XR market and into general decontamination.

In 60 seconds, the OmniClean2 can decontaminate anything that employees frequently touch, from electronics to their personal phones, glasses, wallets, badges, and more. It’s a way of reducing the spread of contagions, and by placing it in high-traffic areas such as breakrooms, workrooms, hospital waiting areas, employees have easy access that doesn’t interrupt their workflow. In the US alone, 2.5% of the workforce stays home with the cold and flu (not COVID!), and according to the CDC, 80% of this type of contagion is caused by people touching contaminated surfaces and objects and touching their face, eyes, ears, and nose. OmniClean2 stops the spread by enabling employees to quickly and easily decontaminate anything they frequently touch in 60 seconds.

CX Series: Tried and trusted cleaning and drying of HMDs in 60-seconds
The CX Series supports 10,000 hours of run time for consistent and human error-free decontamination and drying of headsets – providing a comfortable and safe end-consumer experience you can’t get from wipes. The latest CX models feature an adjustable hook, a lockable door for safe storage, and a USB/C charger.

While the CX Series decontaminates any HMD currently on the market, the OnmiClean provides 360-degree cleaning on anything that fits in its 12” interior. Just like the CX series, the OmniClean uses the same proprietary UVC engineering that decontaminates in 60 seconds. The OmniClean is designed for safe cleaning of any device including cell phones, tablets, stethoscopes, eyewear and microphones.

Patented, tested and trusted UVC LED Engineering
How do Cleanbox products work? Using proprietary UVC LED engineering, Cleanbox products kill 99.999% of contagions on any surface in a simple one-minute cycle. Our products are eco-friendly and chemical free, and don’t require heat or liquids for decontamination.

Cleanbox services customers around the world, shipping directly to Europe, MENA, Asia and South America. We also have reseller and bundle partners across Europe, Asia Pacific and South America.

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