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Digital permits most ‘in-demand’ tech service for building contractors

Data from facilities managers at a range of buildings across UK cities, indicates that digital permits for contractors has been one of the fastest growing areas of demand in property management, over the past year. Digital permits ensure site teams and contractors can electronically communicate, authorise and complete works, providing necessary documents to meet compliance, health and safety, and security protocols.

When surveyed which digital property management service was most needed over the past 12 months, facilities managers at 150 buildings opted for digital permits – according to data from Equiem, the world’s largest workplace experience platform.

Equiem, which is utilised by buildings such as The Gherkin, The Shard, Kings Cross and Broadgate, has reported more than 72,000 digital permits raised across 150 buildings, since launch. To date, 11,000 contractors have used the platform to raise permits, making it one of the fastest growing property management services among Equiem’s users.

Bronny Wilson, Equiem’s regional head for UK and Ireland, commented, “The high take up of digital permits is perfectly attuned to the increased levels of safety, security and compliance measures, not least brought on by the pandemic. Furthermore, they play a key role in negating delays to work, removing risk of liabilities when contractors are on site while providing a simplified audit trail. With contactless e-signature, digital permits can be authorised and stored in one place to increase efficiency of process.”