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Eastern Extinguishers

The innovative construction of our new composite fire extinguisher, winner of the Build Award for the Best Fire Extinguisher of the Year 2016, means it will not corrode. This negates the need for costly annual service contracts, saving our clients an average of 48% in costs compared to traditional steel extinguishers. Our P50 composite extinguishers can be serviced by a member of your own team, for which we provide fully accredited, free of charge training and access to our bespoke extinguisher management system.

Our composite extinguishers are multi-risk, with our foam extinguisher covering class A, B and electrical fires up to 1,000 volts. This allows us to reduce our client’s extinguisher inventory by an average of 40% without comprising fire safety, as our products are three times more effective in their extinguishing capability compared to a steel extinguisher. There are also environmental benefits to owning our extinguisher. The CO2 emissions are reduced compared to other products on the market today. Furthermore, we only use recyclable materials.

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