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Ensinger: Celebrating 50 years

Ensinger GmbH has been selected as our duly deserved Plastics Specialist of the Month, we are pleased to reveal here at Building and Facilities News. EnsingerEkelem_927_12This timely achievement has been presented after what can only be described as a significant company milestone: the Ensinger group is celebrating turning 50 this year as a well-established family firm with a background deeply rooted in the field of plastic components.

It all began in a garage to the south-west of Stuttgart in Germany in 1966 with skilled engineer Wilfried Ensinger. The entrepreneurial founder began developing new methods for plastic processing (namely extrusion, machining and injection moulding) and subsequently began to formulate optimised solutions made from polymer materials reinforced with either glass or carbon fibres.

EnsingerEkelem_927_07The result was an innovative company engaged in the manufacture and sale of compounds, semi-finished materials, profiles and technical parts finished with engineering and high performance plastic, as Sales Manager Paul Elliott told us: “Ensinger has progressed to become a reputable product manufacturer working across a number of sites worldwide. With our state-of-the-art facilities we can provide solutions in response to the growing demand for specialist plastics in line with individual customer requirements.”

The business operates via three different market sectors: stock shapes (the provision of plastics in various varieties, from standard polypropylene and polyethylene to high performance types operating up to 300°C including Polyether ether ketone – PEEK), precision engineering (custom-made products for high tolerance markets) and finally, thermal insulation for window and door systems.

EnsingerEkelem_927_11The thermal insulation division aims to reduce energy costs and environmental impacts with its two principal products: insulbar and Thermix. At its designated centres (28 internationally dispersed sites employing 2,300 professionals) thermoplastic engineering plastics and high performance plastics are compounded, extruded, processed and finished in close consultation with customers, raw materials suppliers and engineers, paving the way for advanced insulation techniques within the industry.

The impressive insulbar innovation is an insulating profile made of glass fibre reinforced polyamide 66. Available in a range of sizes, geometries and material variants, the insulbar is suitably slotted into different applications and can be enhanced as appropriate for mechanical performance, efficient thermal separation, fire safety or sustainability. Benefits include increased comfort – as its low thermal conductivity reduces temperature losses via the metal frame of windows, doors and facades – and significant cost and energy savings.

EnsingerEkelem_927_10Thermix, meanwhile, forms part of the insulation product portfolio for window, door and façade construction as an effective substitute for aluminium spacers. The Thermix TX.N plus spacers minimise the thermal bridge between the panes of multiple glazing, providing what is known as the ‘Warm Edge’, offering (courtesy of its high performance plastic structure) a thermal conductivity more than 700 times lower than aluminium. With this product the occurrence of unpleasant draughts is minimised along with the risk of condensation and mould formation, and the incorporated metallic diffusion barrier made from high-quality stainless steel ensures that the space between panes remains permanently gas-tight.

EnsingerEkelem_927_08Upon discussing the firm’s plans going forward, Karin Skrodzki from Ensinger’s Press and PR Office, said: “Our main focus for the future is to respond accordingly to our customers, paying particular attention to the markets which are momentarily thriving. This will involve servicing the needs of our clients within the building and construction industry, as this is an area of increased interest (besides the European markets especially within Asia and the US). We are looking to maintain a steady level of growth whilst exploring new product possibilities and sustainable material usages, as recycling is an important factor for us.”

“Further product development will involve the consideration of different chemistries for plastics,” Paul added. “Strengthening thermal quality is one of our key priorities, and we believe that this can be achieved by improving upon the raw materials we utilise. Overall we are incredibly proud of how far we have come and are pleased to report that we had a great time celebrating our anniversary earlier this year with a summer party and football tournament held in Germany that hosted over 1,300 customers and employees from across the world.”

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