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From Primitive to Sophisticated: A Church conversion

In the nineteenth century East Yorkshire saw a proliferation of Non-conformist churches being built. Times change, and now twenty-first century Holderness is an affluent area, and the disused churches that were at the heart of communities must find another role as residential dwellings.

TLX_919_02One such conversion project is a former Primitive Methodist church built in 1898. The yellow brick construction with red brick detailing does not have the stark simplicity of many Primitive Methodist churches, being of a Gothic style. The former schoolroom forms the ‘transept’ part of the building; no longer being exempt from Part L for being a place of worship however, there was now a requirement for the roof to achieve a U-Value of 0.18 W/m2K.

TLX Gold was used taut and counter-battened over the 110mm deep rafters. This rafter depth allowed 75mm PIR
board to be fitted between the rafters, leaving a 15mm unventilated air gap between it and the shiny Gold under-surface; TLX Gold will then reflect the radiated heat back into the building.

The addition of 35mm of PIR underneath brought the U-value to the required 0.18 W/m2K.

The high-tensile UV25 membrane that forms the upper surface of TLX Gold makes it suitable for any Wind Zone.

The Problem:
How to achieve 21st century thermal performance in a 19th century church conversion?

The Solution:
TLX Gold:

  • No condensation risk with a U = 0.18 W/m2K build-up
  • Integral breather membrane
  • Wind uplift performance suitable for all wind zones

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