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fuelGenie encourages small business owners to capitalise on supermarket fuel price drop to improve profit margins

In response to the recent drop in supermarket fuel prices across the UK, leading business fuel card provider fuelGenie is urging small business owners to seize this opportunity to make substantial savings on their fuel expenses.

fuelGenie provides fleet users and small businesses with a convenient network of locations to top up their tank for less, whether on the UK’s main transit routes or in towns and cities, including most Shell sites as well as at Tesco’s, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s.

With volatile fuel costs having been a significant concern for the past 18 months, the current dip in supermarket fuel prices presents a prime opportunity for small business owners to alleviate some of the financial burdens associated with running a fleet.

Tony Burgess, Director – Merchant network at fuelGenie, said, “We understand the financial pressures small business owners and business fleet managers have been under this past year when it comes to managing fuel costs.

“With the average price of diesel falling by 12p a litre last month – the seventh consecutive month prices have gone down – now’s the time to seize this opportunity for substantial savings. fuelGenie empowers owners to harness the benefits of lower fuel prices while providing them with the tools and support they need to streamline their fleet management processes, and drive their business towards success.”

By combining the lower fuel prices with the benefits of fuelGenie – such as no account fees or hidden surcharges, and flexible payment terms – business owners can streamline their fleet management and improve their cash flow, freeing up funds for other essential investments, such as business expansion and vehicle maintenance.

For more information on how fuelGenie can help small business owners capitalise on the drop in supermarket fuel prices, please visit: