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geo’s unique Solo III solar PV monitoring system

Green Energy Options has launched a unique solution to enable households to monitor their solar PV system – accurately measuring electricity generation and consumption as well as how much electricity is imported from or exported to the grid. This is the first monitoring system to combine ‘meter accurate’ monitoring, using a ‘smart meter’, with a colour energy display & online services for the home, and has just been awarded Smart Metering Technology of the Year 2015.

The Solo III system consists of 4 parts that work together:

  • A smart electricity meter that separately measures the PV generation and household consumption, import & export, to provide highly accurate data, replacing the need for a separate generation meter and separate sensors
  • A colour home energy display that shows PV generation and consumption information ‘at a glance’ to help the household make the most of their solar panels by using what they generate
  • An internet-connected hub that transmits the data securely and cost-effectively via the household broadband connection
  • Online services that present the live and historic data on a PC, smartphone or tablet in a colourful and engaging way

Data can also be sent from the meter to the online service via an optional GPRS mobile data connection if required, to enable remote FIT readings and performance monitoring of the solar PV system

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