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The Duplex Jet Vac Ultima Gum Go is a robust vacuumated steam cleaner with chemical injection designed to tackle the menace of thoughtlessly discarded chewing gum. By some estimates up to 3.5 billion pieces of chewing gum have been dropped on UK streets at one time or another. The sheer quantity and difficulty in cleaning it away make this a massive problem.

The Ultima Gum Go combines dry steam together with our exclusive Gum Go chemical. This is applied through one specialist brush and squeegee tool using a simple hand-held control, dissolving gum in seconds and then vacuuming the residue away in one easy motion.
Gum Go works on all surfaces, indoors and out and the speed of the system minimises disruption to high-traffic areas whilst its effectiveness transforms the appearance of public spaces.

The Ultima Gum Go is accepted on the DEFRA Water Technology List allowing UK businesses to write off the whole cost of the equipment against taxable profits in the year of purchase.

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