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Hands on with UFH

John Gittens, Business Development Director at Maincor, takes a look at two recent case studies where the installation of underfloor heating is delivering results for clients and end-users.

Virtually silent and designed to maximise user comfort, underfloor heating complements both old and new properties alike, seamlessly encompassing the design trends in modern interiors, such as open-plan living where a decluttered, minimal space is free of radiators.

Underfloor heating (UFH) is also better for the environment, with a requirement for lower heating flow temperatures ultimately leading to reduced fuel usage, meaning lower CO2 emissions, which will appeal to the eco-conscious end-users.

However, retrofitting underfloor heating is a task that few installers relish. Once upon a time, the job would have required ripping up floorboards and going right back to basics, which is both costly and time consuming.

Fortunately, advancements in underfloor heating technology are such that systems are now available which have been specifically designed for fitting retrospectively, meaning that despite a building’s age it can benefit from the very latest in economic and efficient heating.

This was the case for a recent refurbishment of a residential property in York, with the Maincor Overboard system chosen due to its ease of installation on retrofit projects. With the end result being an energy efficient solution and a comfortable internal environment for the building occupiers, the underfloor heating pipes – 12mm UFH pipe – were laid within the 18mm thick pre-routed Overboard panels.

This provided a low profile solution which lends itself to situations where minimal floor height adjustments are desired. The Overboard panels were laid directly onto an existing wooden floor, with the UFH pipe then laid and the boards screwed down.

Different options are suitable for new builds and large scale commercial underfloor heating projects.

For example, underfloor heating has recently been successfully installed into a new 1,250m² school classroom block at Misbourne School in Buckinghamshire.

A full underfloor heating solution was used across all three floors and the project included just over 6,000m of 16mm Multilayer Composite Pipe (MLCP) laid directly onto the floor with screed subsequently applied.
As Maincor MLCP is highly flexible, form stable, and has low expansion rates, it was ideal for this project, which included eight underfloor heating manifolds, six of which were used in conjunction with Control Pack 250, increasing the efficiency and controllability of the system.

The Large Control Pack uses an actuated blending valve and a Wilo A-rated pump to circulate and blend the water and can be used to max floor area of 250m² at an output of 70w/m².

Working with the customer to support the project, Maincor provided a full site survey and design solution for the Mechanical Engineer and on-site support and product training along the way.

With underfloor heating increasingly being sought as an efficient, economical and environmentally friendly method, it can only be good news for installers that such systems are now readily available.

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