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Hörmann high speed sectional doors keep things moving at Audi

Helping to accelerate the movement of vehicles through a busy handover bay, six high speed sectional doors from Hörmann UK have been installed at Audi in Bradford. The installation was carried out by Hörmann partner Crucial Engineering and formed part of a retrofit programme, with the new doors being chosen specifically as they provide high speed operation, security, and excellent thermal efficiency.

Replacing a previous complex installation of a sectional door plus a high-speed door fitted to each entrance and exit, the installation of the Hörmann doors solved the operational issues created by this set up and provided Audi with a simple, fast solution.

Three ALR F42 aluminium glazed doors were installed at the entrance to the handover bay, with three SPU F42 sectional doors being fitted to the exits. Constructed from a lightweight, yet strong, aluminium framework, the ALR F42 glazed doors consist of large, clear glazing panels bringing maximum light into the working environment and creating an unimpeded view. The glazing panels include the unique Hörmann DURATEC coating which protects the panes from scratching and damage caused by cleaning over the long-term, providing a permanently clear view.

The SPU F42 sectional doors have a hardwearing Stucco textured interior finish, with a micro grain exterior creating an elegant surface finish to complement the building’s modern façade. The doors are all coated with RAL 9006 White aluminium.

All six doors are fitted with the new Hörmann WA500 operator which enables the doors to operate at an impressive, market leading door travel speeds of up to 1m/s, helping to speed up operations and retain heat within the building. Optimised track radii and enlarged rollers result in quieter door operation together with improved stability leading to low wear and smoother door travel.

Paul Van Heeswyk, Managing Director at Crucial Engineering, comments, “A key factor for the specification of the Hörmann sectional doors for this project was speed. There is no other sectional door on the market that operates at these speeds, so it was the obvious door of choice. For Audi being able to have clear vision panels was also a factor as natural light in the handover bays is a must.”

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