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Innovating the Industry

In this issue of Building and Facilities News we are proud to announce that we have selected Goelst UK as the recipient of our Industry Excellence Award.

Mark Reeves, Director, Goelst UK, accepts the Industry Excellence Award

Established by Rolf E Goelst in 1979, Goelst started out as a sole trader supplying interior products to the Dutch healthcare market. Goelst UK was created in partnership with Chris Smith during 1991 in Harrogate. The company has expanded significantly since its inception, gaining an outstanding reputation within the industry.

Operating globally, Goelst maintains its headquarters and distribution base in Ede, Holland. From here products are distributed worldwide to the global contract market, supplying an expansive range of high quality curtain rail systems. Providing fixing options for most surface finishes, Goelst offers an abundance of solutions to meet customer’s requirements including pre-formed options to accommodate the customer’s specific requirements and needs.

“We manufacture and supply curtain rail and blind systems to the UK contract market. We offer manual, cord drawn or electrically operated curtain rails and manual or electrically operated (including battery) roller blind and roman blind systems. Our products can be bought fully assembled, ready to install or in component form by our contract customers, who prefer to carry their own stock. We offer excellent technical support which includes on-site support where required, and comprehensive advice to ensure the client gets the right product for their project,” stated Mark Reeves, Director at Goelst UK.

Goelst maintains its own dedicated Research and Development department, enabling the company to create intelligent and creative solutions. Boasting numerous patents and design protections, Goelst is well equipped in creating revolutionary products, pushing the boundaries of quality standards across the industry. Serving multiple industry sectors, Goelst predominantly supplies to the healthcare and hospitality sectors, but also provides products for residential use, particularly top end residential through its contract customer base.

“We are firmly at the quality end of our market.” Mark continued, “We offer a great level of service. Not only with the quick turnaround of quotes and orders, but also with technical support. We’re happy to support our customers on site in pre-contract meetings with their clients, building contractors, AV integrators and electrical contractors. We provide a level of support that gives our customers the confidence to turn their design specification into a deliverable solution.”

Goelst products are complemented by the company’s outstanding customer service and a five year manufacturer’s warranty on its products. The company is also environmentally responsible, priding itself on being conscious of its carbon footprint. Goelst only use aluminium from ASI certified plants in their products.

A noteworthy recent development for the company, Goelst has further developed its already successful G-Motion electric curtain track range.

G-Motion’s modular design ensures that the system has an unrivalled set of standard functionalities including: self-setting end positions, curtain protection systems, numerous switching modes and speed options, tandem motor systems, and a variety of input voltages. Notably, through the variety of protocols G-Motion motors contain, the product is easily integrated with virtually any home automation system available today.

The G-Motion range is flexible, adaptable and compatible to use with Goelst’s existing high quality curtain tracks and accessories. It also features strong impact resistant synthetics and aluminium rail profiles which are powder coated to a very high standard, allowing them to be curved yet still deliver silent and smooth operation. Due to G-Motion’s adaptability; custom options are available with features such as bending the rail to various radii plus custom colours and finishes for made to measure projects. Sourcing the highest quality materials, such as Teflon allows the internal components of the G-motion system to be hard wearing, Self-lubricating and UV-resistant.

“Our G-motion, electrically operated curtain track continues to evolve. We now have integrated RF remote control and also made the system operable via a phone-based app,” stated Mark.

Now more efficient, simple to connect and to operate, the integrated Goelst CAN-BUS system allows users to connect and operate multiple electrical curtain track systems, operated from a single remote control or app.

After the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries have felt the impact from things such as lockdowns, delays in product supply and reductions in capacity. Understanding and responding to the new needs of the market has been essential for companies to survive the COVID-19 pandemic. Seeing the closure of some of its key markets, Goelst evaluated its products and services, changing and adapting to suit market and customer needs.

Mark explained that, “COVID-19 has had an impact on everyone and everything. Some of our key markets closed completely following the initial outbreak and they are still not fully operational yet. During 2020 we diversified, offering products such as free standing and ceiling suspended COVID barrier screens, which helped to offset the revenue lost in day-to-day business. We have remained operational throughout the two periods of lockdown, with admin and sales functions being carried out off site, while production ran at reduced staffing levels. After the last 18 months, it would be great just to see some normality return. Not just on a business level, it’s also been emotionally difficult for many families during the pandemic.”

Able to maintain its operations and responding productively to the COVID-19 pandemic, Goelst has been happy to maintain its services and plans to continue developing and expanding. “We’re very fortunate in that we have an incredibly solid foundation. Moving forward, we plan to invest in new machinery and equipment plus expand our production capabilities with new staff,” said Mark.

Indeed, after the COVID-19 pandemic many industries, companies and people are looking forward to a brighter future. As Goelst continues with its future plans, Mark reflected on the company’s latest achievements and told us how the company felt upon being recognised for its achievements with this award. He told us that, “We’re all thrilled. It was a fantastic surprise to hear that we were going to receive this award.”

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