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Building and Facilities News is proud to announce that Toshiba Tec UK Imaging Systems has been selected as our Printing Solutions Company of the Month.

The company is part of the global Toshiba Tec Corporation. With its headquarters in Chertsey, UK, Toshiba Tec UK is part of the Printing Solutions Group, and is a leading supplier of IT and office equipment. Its product range stretches from multifunction print and copying systems to digital document management products and barcode/label printers for various capabilities in industry, logistics, and trade, as well as in public health and service sectors.

As a business services specialist, Toshiba Tec UK aims to make things simple for its customers, streamlining processes and improving their connectivity. Indeed, the company creates new ways of working, helping companies to save money, improve workflow management, keep critical information secure and become more sustainable. This mission is covered in four key business areas: Managed Print Services (MPS), Process Optimisation, IT Services, and Visual Communication.

Jeremy Spencer, Marketing Director

“Our MPS involve engaging with customers to ensure they have everything they need,” explained Jeremy Spencer, Marketing Director. Through the company’s detailed and context-led discovery, it can analyse the impact of a customer’s current print infrastructure, and identify where genuine improvements can be made to effect positive change. Rather than just offering more devices on which a company can print paper, Toshiba Tec UK wants to understand how any new MPS architecture would support the company as a whole, in order to provide a meaningful link in a chain.

“As well as this, our Process Optimisation services help to digitise business processes to increase overall efficiency,” said Jeremy. Toshiba Tec UK deploys artificial intelligence to aid this optimisation. Each interaction feeds intelligence into a business, and by introducing intelligent and automated processes to everyday document workflow activities, it enhances operational effectiveness and saves businesses time, resources and money.

“One of our exciting recent products is our Hybrid MFP, which allows you to print, copy and then erase the content of a page so you can reuse the paper once you’re finished with the documents. You can scan and store the content so you don’t lose it, and then reuse the paper at least five times after the first use. This leads to great environmental benefits and cost savings.”

Indeed, the Hybrid MFP results in paper savings of up to 80%. For example, if you are printing 5,000 pages per month, this will result in 300,000 sheets of paper in five years. However, when reusing the paper five times, the same amount of paper that usually lasts one year will last for five, saving money and reducing environmental impact.

“We have a strong environmental ethos which is very important to us,” explained Jeremy. “We introduced our Carbon Zero Scheme in 2009, which means we measure the environmental impact of everything we do and offset it at our own cost by investing in projects around the world – all of our products arrive carbon neutral. We like to try and do the right thing, because we can.”

Teaming up with carbon offset projects developer co2balance, Toshiba Tec UK is supporting projects that are delivering livelihood and environmental benefits in Africa, including distributing fuel-efficient cook-stoves in Kenya the regeneration of boreholes in Uganda. Furthermore, the company is currently supporting carbon sequestration through forest protection and responsible forestry management in the Brazilian Amazon.

“In the future, we expect to see accelerated adoption of process optimisation, with users capitalising on the major efficiency savings that can be delivered through intelligent document management and the digitisation of workflows. These efficiencies are ever more important given the fragility of the current business climate, with businesses looking at flexible finance models and subscription services over traditional capital expenditure which is serving to enable them to realise greater value within the organisations which builds on the convergence of the traditional print world and IT services.”

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