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LED lighting from Lumitron

LED lighting offers opportunities to reduce energy consumption and maintenance therefore reducing operating costs.

Savings of as much as 60% are realistically achievable.

The most important thing is to choose a product which will achieve this over the whole life of the installation; too many products use low quality, therefore lower life components.

SD583-Edge Lit

Lumitron has a long history of producing both standard and bespoke lighting solutions – not all buildings have standard grid ceilings.

We developed our SD583-Edge Lit to solve this very issue, it fits not only standard ceilings but up to 20 other types including Metal grid and 750mm x 750mm systems. Long Life and FULLY TpA fire safety rated.

Most competitors use PS, this is not rated. Cost-effective and quick delivery.

Horizon UVC

COVID-19 has altered many things including day to day life in office environments.

We have developed, using scientifically proven technology backed by research and testing of a major US university and Philips lighting, an innovative and first to market UVC air cleansing luminaire, Horizon UVCclick on link to read more.

PLL55W Compact

Carbon reduction is a very important objective for companies, a realistic way is to ‘repurpose’ or adapt existing installations. No tearing out installations and putting in new ones if it is possible to replace lamps with LEDs.

The PLL55W Compact lamp was favoured for many installations; we are the first company to have developed a DALI Dimming LED replacement. Our LED-D.LAMP26/40 not only saves energy but cuts carbon and costs. If you have PLL Dali installation, this is a quick, low cost and viable way to update without much interruption.

There is also Lighting as a Service, LAAS, effectively ‘install and rent’. Yet projects differ and clients differ, so some large clients given low returns on invested money now might be better off purchasing and keeping the savings for themselves. Finance over the life of the installation works for others.

We have experience in both but there is a potential mismatch here, a provider of LAAS will only want to supply a product which meets the contract, when in reality for not much more, there are options available which will last 2, 3 or more years longer.

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