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LUNDHS Real Stone

The Norwegian company Lundhs has started branding its natural stone, as it wants the product to be recognised for the quality of the processing and finishing, as well as the stone itself. Lundhs_920_02It has more than 100 years of experience in the quarry business, and with advanced technology and unique stone resources, it is a competitive and experienced player in the international stone trade.

The materials branded LUNDHS Real Stone are durable and have a very high natural density, which make them a good choice for kitchen work surfaces. Lundhs believes consumers are increasingly sophisticated in their choice of stone and aims to educate them to distinguish between the different kinds of stone that are currently lumped together as ‘granite’.

Hege Lundh, Marketing Director of Lundhs, says, “Engineered stone products, and others, are trying to look like natural stone, and we want to make the consumer aware that our stone is the real thing – crafted by nature, only.” In addition, since Lundhs is a quarry operator, it wants to work closely with the trade to market the materials. “We want to make it easy to sell LUNDHS Real Stone, and besides marketing materials we also provide RIBA approved CPD seminars,” says Lundh.