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Making a bigger splash with Bradite One Can

Cladspray Solutions, an on-site specialist spraying contractor, recently completed the preparation and coating of the interior walls, ceilings and metal beams of a private swimming pool. The chosen paint for this project was One Can from leading paint manufacturer, Bradite.

Technical Director of Cladspray, Dan Ruegg, says, “One Can was chosen for this particular application because of its fantastic adhesion properties to the multitude of surfaces (metal, plasterboard, PVDF, etc) that were present on this project. We also wanted a product that was exceptionally fast drying, water-based, low-odour and had a very durable eggshell finish.

“We consulted James Burton of Bradite prior to starting the job, he arranged site visit and specification confirming that One Can would also tolerate the high humidity levels present in a swimming pool area.

“Three coats were applied, with the first coat thinned slightly to improve adhesion. The result is a fantastic swimming pool transformation, completed in one day and a very happy customer.”

Bradite One Can is a unique product as it is the first all-purpose, water-based primer and finish in one can. It is an interior and exterior product with anti-corrosive properties and is quick drying, with low odour and low VOCs. This provides the decorator with a single tin containing direct-to-substrate paint that provides superior stain locking and adhesion properties.

The high-performance coating will deliver protection to many substrates including: cladding, uPVC, powder coated metal, steel, and timber including fencing, garden furniture and sheds.

One Can also provides excellent stain locking properties. It will block stains in the coating and even hide tanning, and resinous bleed when applied to hardwoods, as well as locking in water stains. One Can offers anti-corrosive protection making the product ideal for application to all metals, both ferrous and nonferrous, including brand new galvanised steel. The product is also compatible with all water and oil-based finish coats.

Designed for easy application and fast drying time, One Can is touch dry after 30 minutes and re-coatable after one hour. There is no need to buy additional primers and undercoats, One Can can be used as both a priming and finishing system, no longer will three different cans be required for one job!

It is available in an eggshell finish in the full BS and RAL colour range.