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New Polyvine exterior wood finishes deliver performance superior to anything else in the market

British paint, varnish and wood care manufacturer, Polyvine, has launched a new professional exterior wood finishes range which is VOC-free, quick-drying and which has the highest oils solids content of any product in the market.

polyvine_929_04This makes it the best formula for long term durability and appearance retention available in the UK.

The seven product range is made from 100% oil solids. This refers to the minute oil particle content undiluted by other materials, which ensures thorough coverage, long lasting protection, durability of finish, appearance retention and low maintenance.

polyvine_929_03Oil solid content in all competitive wood care products is circa 50% at the maximum with many being less than that. This gives the new Polyvine range an enormous performance advantage against anything else in the exterior wood care market.

Ensuring appearance retention of up to five years as opposed to the six months to one year offered by competitors, the Polyvine range also guarantees excellent water repellence, low odour, the flexibility to mitigate against blistering and peeling, UV filters which prevent fading and weathering and microporous breathability to prevent mould, mildew, algae and fungal attack.

The range benefits from attractive all new tin designs in sizes from 500ml to 2.5 litres. RRPs start from £9.74.

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