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New Qube office pod system offers simplified intelligence

The creation of flexible meeting and working spaces within the office is now made simple thanks to the new Qube freestanding pod system (pictured) from Unifi, part of the Boss Design Group. Providing specifiers with endless scope for design, the introduction of Qube follows the phenomenal success of the brand’s earlier acoustic pod system, Vista.

Bossdesign_918_02Presenting a contemporary and flexible alternative to fixed partitioning, Qube offers a simplified range of options to enable specifiers to easily design and control office space to suit corporate working patterns and enhance wellbeing. Bespoke options with unlimited design, size and branding possibilities are also available.

Whilst the Solo pod offers space for private phone calls or an escape from a busy environment, the Duo two-person pod is ideal for ad hoc face-to-face meetings. Meanwhile, the Qube modular systems feature three options: Qube 3 seats up to four people and is available in four sizes ranging from 3x3m to 6x3m, whilst the larger Qube 4 system accommodates up to six people and comes in three sizes ranging from 4x4m to 6x4m. A circular option, Qube 360 with a capacity of four, also features in this exciting range.

All Qube pods boast an impressive noise suppression rating of up to 34dB, which serves to provide an advanced acoustic solution with exceptional speech privacy. To suit individual preference, Qube offers a choice of fabric and glass panels, and writeable glass and all over manifestations.

The modular construction of Qube means it can be assembled in 2-3 hours, subject to size, and it is easy to re-size or re-locate to another part of a building. Its freestanding design avoids the need to fix to the fabric of the building.

Commenting on this latest launch, Phil Duggan, Director of Unifi says, “Through simple intelligence, Qube provides endless scope for designers and specifiers, whilst enabling them to support and promote flexible and nomadic working patterns. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, Qube boasts the quality components and engineering that are synonymous with the Unifi and Boss Design brands.”

Qube comes as standard with LED lighting, PIR motion sensors to activate lights and fan, glazed and upholstered panels, acoustic ceiling tiles, together with sliding door. All models are DDA compliant.

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