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Pioneers in automation technology

Building and Facilities News is extremely pleased to present WAGO Ltd as its selected Industrial Automation & Interconnection Solutions Company of the Month.

Since its establishment back in 1951, the WAGO Group has been pioneering innovative connection systems in electrical engineering and electronics throughout the world. They were the very first in the industry to invent the revolutionary spring connection system which was launched at the 1951 Hanover Fair receiving a tremendous response.

This renowned technology has long since become the worldwide standard, taking WAGO to spectacular heights. Their worldwide presence consists of 32 companies with over 7,000 employees including the UK company, WAGO Ltd, which was launched in 1990 as the sales and marketing for their Interconnect and Automation products.

Starting life as a 4 man company, WAGO Ltd has enjoyed phenomenal success now boasting a strong team of over 90 and a turnover of £16 million.

Paul Witherington, the UK and Ireland Marketing Manager at WAGO Ltd, has been in the electrical industry for more than 30 years and involved with WAGO for close to 20. Amongst many at WAGO, Paul is highly experienced and fully equipped to offer expert advice and guidance to those looking for innovative and quality solutions. Speaking to Building and Facilities News, Paul was keen to tell us why he thinks WAGO has been so successful over the years.

“WAGO has been blazing the trail for future technologies for more than 60 years,” he explained. “Time and time again we have developed new products that have become the standards for the industry on the world market.

“An example of this is our ground-breaking spring-loaded connection technology which not only guarantees a faster and easier connection, but also offers a higher safety level since the contact quality is largely independent of operator skill. We are the leading specialists in spring clamp termination technology and are providing components and systems for automation technology. In 1977, the success story of the CAGE CLAMP® began, offering vibration-proof, fast and free-from maintenance connections.

“Many people have contributed to the WAGO success story through their dedication. All believed in the potential of our company and were receptive to new processes, advancing these ideas with a sincere and passionate effort.”

With a cutting-edge portfolio consisting of over 30,000 products, WAGO’s advanced solutions satisfy the needs of thousands of customers in a diverse range of markets.

A key product in the range, which has been released over the last 2 years, is the 221 Series Compact Lever Connectors for All Wire Types. Proven and perfected, the new series is 40% smaller and even more user-friendly than its successful predecessor, the 222 Series. WAGO’s new ‘superstars’ for electrical installations allow solid, stranded and fine-stranded wires to be connected faster, in less space and more reliably. WAGO’s new splicing connectors are also easier to use as the operating levers can now be opened and closed using noticeably less force.

“Innovation is the backbone of our company,” concluded Paul. “Our aim is to grow WAGO UK to become a £30 million company and we are looking to keep progressing continuously. In the last 3 years we have introduced a new management team which includes our new Managing Director, Tony Hoyle, who bought with him specialist knowledge of the industry.

“We hope to continue our year on year success and strive to bring the most up to date, innovative products along with exceptional customer service to each and every customer.”

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