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Advanced base and wall systems for conservatories

Here at Building and Facilities News We are pleased to announce that Wye Valley Engineering Ltd has been selected as our reputable Steel Technology Specialist of the Month.

Fix skirt to base

The company has progressed drastically ever since its formation as a subcontracting engineering company involved with greenhouses and gardening products. In 1987 a greenhouse manufacturing firm contacted Wye Valley Engineering with a special request; seeking a solution that would prevent its personnel from receiving customer complaints in regards to conservatories that were subject to leakages (due to their unlevelled bases).

In response to this the Herefordshire-based team of steel technology specialists developed a prototype suitable for building applications that has since been adapted accordingly with the inclusion of modular walls. This was a modification that came courtesy of Company Director, Elwyn Roberts, who took over the business in 2000 and helped to establish Durabase, the organisation’s very own brand of conservatory base systems.

Bolt joists into place

“Having moved away from more traditional construction methods, we have created an industry-first,” Elwyn explained. “Durabase has become increasingly popular and is now a recognisable name built on success. Unfortunately many of our competitors have copied our idea, but we are responsible for the original product and stand out for being a market leader that has been around for over 30 years; we have the experience, quality, credibility and backup service capability that others do not.”

Suitable for erecting conservatories of any shape and size, Durabase is a proven solution that arrives in kit form for seamless delivery and installation. With its straightforward assembly – which takes less than two days – the product is favourable to other similar systems on the market, which usually take a week of work, and is backed up with a 25 year guarantee.

Because no specialist skills are required, there’s no need to employ a builder, and the cost-effective system can be utilised by both construction professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Fix walls to base

Disruption on site is reduced because Durabase is hassle-free, and there’s also less mess made because there’s a lower quantity of soil and concrete involved. Insulation is also measurable with this clean and tidy ecological solution, which has been known to make conservatory projects more manageable.

“As a growing company our market base has increased substantially and we have continued to progress gradually year on year,” Elwyn concluded. “In-house investments have been made to enable us to streamline our products and computer systems, which has in turn allowed us to stay ahead in the industry whilst becoming a better and more efficient supplier.

“Our plans going forward heavily relate to the home extension market, which is an area we are currently looking into and is one of our main reasons for obtaining our recent accreditation as a Building System Approved company.

Ready to install conservatory

Our aim is to illustrate the wide scope of applications as to which the system can be used and home extensions, orangeries and self-standing buildings are part of our future. Our ultimate goal is to move into the arena of pre-fabricated houses, but we are a long way from this at the moment.”

For more information on these systems, please get in touch with Wye Valley Engineering:
T 01432 266507