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Pure Luxury

Elektra Lighting Design have completed a luxurious lighting refurbishment at the prestigious Marriott Park Lane Hotel.

ElektraLighting_919_02The Marriott Park Lane hotel has recently undergone a refurbishment with great importance on creating a lighting design to reflect its glamorous location in London.

They planned the refurbishment in stages so that the busy hotel remained operational with minimal disruption. The public areas such as the entrance, reception lobby, business centre, executive lounge and meeting rooms were the first to be refurbished.

They have based the lighting around highlighting the architectural features, enhancing wall panels, marble floor patterns and using the minimum of fixture required. There is emphasis on the classic furniture lines, textures and artwork and a subtle, warm atmosphere has been created.

They have recessed lighting within the architecture, and have avoided trims including other unnecessary accessories and clutter, also concealing lighting into joinery where possible. Careful attention to detail was one of the main concerns while developing this project, as the appropriate optics and colour temperatures were selected to enhance the space and craft a distinguished mood.

The mix of architectural lighting and decorative lights, support the general ambience. A rich atmosphere with soft, warm touches has been created. During the day, electric lighting complements the daylight levels, creating a bright interior. In the evening a theatrical scene setting provides a sexy, intimate nature.

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