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Setting standards for DIN rail power supplies

Building and Facilities News is proud to announce that Puls Power has received our Industry Excellence award.

As a global market leader in the design and manufacture of DIN rail power supplies, Puls Power concentrates its engineering knowledge, resources and energy on its mission to be the world’s best in this technology. Through this dedication, Puls Power sets standards of efficiency and quality that create an unrivalled customer experience.

The quality of these power supplies is certainly a primary focus for Puls Power. Its purchasing and development departments ensure the use of only the highest quality components during the design process. What’s more, Puls Power’s power supplies are made available for decades and are not discontinued. As a result, customers can plan for the long term without having to worry about obsolescence or design changes, and decide when they want to upgrade to the latest technologies

Key to Puls Power’s success is the size of its products. “We make the smallest power supplies compared with our customers,” explained Marco van der Linden, Country Sales Manager. “These are like-for-like in power, ranging from 15 – 960W and everything in between, but every device is smaller than anything else on the market. Space is often at a premium for our customers so this is a very important benefit we offer.

“We also offer the highest efficiency of any supplier on the market, close to 97% for some of them. In car manufacturing, for example, you have thousands of machines with power supplies, so even if you have just a few percent lower efficiency, it can cost thousands over the course of the year. And of course, this results in a bigger carbon footprint because you are using more energy.”

Notably, Puls Power has developed a range of decentralised waterproof power supplies called FIEPOS. This product family opens up a new world of possibilities for systems designers by providing cabinet-free planning of their systems and machines. The FIEPOS range is based on 1-phase and 3-phase IP54-IP67 power supplies with 300W or 500W output power. It also features an IO-Link or output OK signal as a communication interface. The various versions are based on this platform, with numerous connector configurations as well as optional safety and redundancy functions.

The devices are classified into two FIEPOS product series of Basic and eFused. The devices in the Basic series have a single output, for which various plug connectors, such as 12-L/-T/-A, 7/8” or the HAN-Q series, are available. The Basic version is also available with an integrated decoupling MOSFET on the output side and a soft output regulation characteristic. These two functions make the devices particularly useful for assembling reliable redundant systems outside of the cabinet, and help to increase performance by establishing parallel connections.

The FIEPOS eFused series comes complete with up to four internally-protected outputs. Thanks to the built-in current limit, these devices can easily be used for selective current distribution and protection. The outputs are configured and monitored via IO-Link or the practical human-machine interface located directly on the front panel of the device.

The FIEPOS range was developed to address the rising demand for decentralisation, which is part of a wider increase in flexible, modular systems which are transforming the manufacturing world. Decentralisation can speed up the system planning process, simplify maintenance tasks, and facilitate straightforward system expansion. However, the costs of implementing a decentralised power supply remain high – even straightforward, decentralised on-site cabinets often comprise more than 10 components. All of these must be purchased, stored, and combined into a system by a technician.

By relocating the power supply from the control cabinet directly onto the field, it creates an all-in-one power supply system for decentralised systems engineering. This is why Puls Power developed its FIEPOS range of cabinet-free power supply systems, closing the gap in the decentralisation market and allowing smart and flexible manufacturing without the high costs of other decentralised power supply options.

This is just one example of Puls Power’s commitment to innovation and ensuring it offers the latest advancements in the field of DIN rail power supplies. And, although the last year has posed numerous challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has remained strong and is still managing to improve year on year.

If you would like to find out more information on Puls Power’s full portfolio, head to the website or get in touch directly using the contact details below.

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