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Stay safe with Energetics Technology

Building and Facilities News is happy to announce that Energetics Technology Ltd is our Security and Counter Terrorism Company of the Month.

Established in 2010 by Dr Peter Jemmett, Derbyshire based Energetics Technology Ltd (ETL) is very active in creating new products for the security and counter terror industries. ETL centres on the research and development of energetic materials, and pyrotechnic products for the successful integration of its products into ordnance systems. The company offers the design and manufacturing of specialist energetic products and research and development into pyrotechnic compositions and explosives, explosives and weapon system evaluations, CIED training and the supply of EOD equipment.

Flexible UK manufacturing facilities render ETL capable of providing fast responses and able to cater for any level of specificity the customer may require. With the specialist defence product market increasing notably, ETL have grown to offer a variety of solutions.

ETL’s experience and knowledge in energetic compositions also enables the company to create products that protect against such compositions. This knowledge is used in the development and manufacture of its blast protection products. ETL’s Kevin Springthorpe tells us that “Every product we design and manufacture has been physically tested with the explosive charge we market the product as protecting against.”

ETL has recently launched its HALO 80 Plus, an all-new blast resistant litter bin, an improvement on the HALO 80, an already popular product for dealing with public area threats. The HALO 80 Plus offers an improved protective performance against explosions and overpressures. It also has increased protection from high velocity primary fragments and is reshaping the blast protection capabilities of a small sized bin. The bin does not need to permanently fixed to the ground, thus saving on expensive installation costs and rendering the bin easily transportable should the location of the threat change. The HALO 80 Plus provides seven star rated blast mitigation and it is functional and easily emptied. It incorporates SABREMAT technology which, enables all-round horizontal protection. Additionally, the Halo 80 Plus has very low maintenance costs, all equating in the bin being vastly superior to other similar products.

As well as being excellent in its function, the HALO 80 Plus can be fitted with accessories and optional extras. It can be fitted with a powder coated sleeve that can meet any standard RAL colour, or a perforated stainless steel sleeve. Buyers can also choose from recycling lids, section dividers and rain cover lids, vinyl labels for recycling information, logos or branding and cigarette stubber plates.

ETL can also offer standard isolation units and threat mitigation units for use in airport baggage areas, police stations, commercial offices, academic institutions and embassies. ETL also offers bespoke solutions to customers needing security or counter terrorism products tailored to specific needs. The bespoke options are usually based on pre-existing designs in order to adhere to an already proven level of safety, durability and reliability.

The company plans on future expansion, with a new manufacturing facility opening soon and the continuous release of more energetics products and blast protecting products as a result of the company’s extensive research and development. ETL will be attending the DSEI show in September to exhibit its products and services. For more information on ETL, its products and services, visit its website below.

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