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Building and Facilities News is pleased to announce that JSP Safety has been chosen to receive our Health & Safety Company of the Year Award, for its constant commitment to bringing its customers the most innovative and effective products.

JSP Safety was established in 1964 by Clive Johnstone, and the company is now a leading manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Height Safety Equipment and Traffic Management Products. With unrivalled manufacturing and testing facilities spread across three continents, JSP is unwaveringly dedicated to improving occupational safety, health, and wellbeing with innovative solutions to better the working conditions of employers and employees worldwide. The company has been voted European leader in Industrial Head Protection by Frost and Sullivan, and with notable investment into Research and Development and a commitment to listening to its customers, JSP is developing its products to increasingly high standards.

It is estimated that 70,000,000 workers worldwide use JSP products on a daily basis protecting themselves at both home and work. The company boasts a Research and Development team rich in experience and knowledge and is subsequently able to design and develop specialist and off the shelf products that enhance performance as well as keeping end users safe while carrying out their jobs. JSP has a distributer network partners in over 100 countries, and supports multi-national end users to apply efficient and effective health and safety programmes throughout the world.

Marketing Director, Sarah Baker, tells us, “We care and have incredible passion for improving health and safety. We listen to end users and will adapt products to give the result that they need in the environment they face. We export to more than 100 countries and I know that our products will be very successful globally as we have designed them for use in extreme environments. This means they are suitable for use in massive temperature ranges (+50 to -40°C), low lighting and noisy and extreme environments such as mines. We are able to bring products to markets that have proven success in extreme hazardous environments, for example improving the performance of elements such as valves on respirators, methodologies for checking the face fit of a respirator and choosing the correct helmet for a given hazardous environment.”

Recently, JSP has introduced the Powercap®Infinity®, one of the lightest fully integrated TH3-4 in 1 protection unit available on the market. The Powercap®Infinity® is a powered air unit so therefore requires no face fit testing. Eradicating the need to face fit a company’s workforce saves on money, time and energy and enables companies to focus on more pressing aspects of work processes. The Powercap®Infinity® is also more comfortable than traditional alternatives, with all above-the-neck protection integrated into the one product. JSP has invested £1,600,000 in bringing this product to market alone, which stands as a true testament to how passionate the company is in working with end users to create innovative products.

JSP has also recently launched its Springfit™ disposable mask that thanks to its sprung endoskeleton offers one of the most effective and responsive fit currently achievable with any disposable mask. When worn, the mask springs onto the users face giving a perfect face fit. Coupled with the ease with which the Springfit™ can be folded and carried in a pocket or bag, these features render Springfit™ a must have for any company or worker that uses disposable masks on a regular basis. Alongside the Springfit™, JSP has brought out PressToCheck™. “PressToCheck™ is in my opinion the greatest innovation in respiratory protection in over 20 years,” says Sarah Baker. “We carried out a huge amount of analysis behind it and it offers a very good way of daily self-checking your face fit every time you put on the mask. This gives the user piece of mind that they can check the fit of the mask every time they wear it.”

JSP’s latest product launch, the EVO®VISTA™ Helmet Range, incorporates a fully retractable Optical Class 1 Faceshield or Overspec dependant on the levels of protection and performance necessary. JSP’s Research and Development team designed and developed the range based on feedback gathered from people that regularly wear head protection alongside eye protection. This means that the EVO®VISTA™ helmets boast design features built entirely around the needs of end users. The aesthetic quality of the helmet has proved popular among on-site construction workers, with many users praising the product’s ability to be worn over prescription glasses – a feature not often found among similar helmets. The EVO®VISTA™ helmet incorporates safety cell concepts with dual shell technology, which offers additional protection to the frontal defence zone of the helmet. Furthermore, the pocket within the dual shell prevents the lens or shield from being scratched or damaged while not being used.

Over the last four years JSP has seen exponential growth. With new sales and marketing offices as well as manufacturing facilities opened in a variety of locations worldwide, the company has broadened both its production and sales capacities. This also allows JSP to stay true to its simple and effective mission statement: to improve the safety and health of people in their workplaces worldwide. The discipline with which JSP adheres to this notion shines through when looking at the money, time and energy the company invests in developing new products and listening to customers.

JSP attends numerous trade shows globally, showcasing products and building relationships and networks in order to bring its product line to an even wider audience, therefore improving the safety standards of various global markets. The next big show the company will be attending is the A+A in Dusseldorf from the 5-8 November 2019. The company will be exhibiting its new EVOguard™ range, an unchallengeable range of Optical Class 1 Industrial Visors and a broad range of Forestry Visors designed and manufactured using state of the art technology to improve light transmission and protection. The company will be exhibiting at stand 6G43, make sure you don’t miss out.

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