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ACER: The tradesman’s mark

Building and Facilities News is proud to feature ACER for our Product of the Month profile, for its innovative range of marking tools for the professional construction trade. Based in Essex and supplying merchants throughout the UK, ACER was launched in 2018 with the mission to develop marking products built specifically for tradesmen.

For many workers, having a pocketful of pens and pencils for marking on the job is standard practice. Often, jobs require a diverse range of marking tools to cope with differing materials and applications, needing a traditional carpenter’s pencil for use on wood or plaster, a marker for plastics and pipes, an ordinary pencil for marking designs, and so on. This can lead to wasting time finding the tool you need and switching between different markers, as well as taking up valuable pocket room.

To counteract these inefficiencies, ACER is developing a selection of dedicated tradesmen’s marking solutions, which are changing and improving practices across the construction industry by combining the features of multiple products into a single tool.

The ACER deep-hole marking pencil features a 120mm retractable and interchangeable lead, with the ability to mark 100mm depth in a 3mm hole, and 145mm depth in a 6mm hole. The sturdy stainless steel shaft offers protection for the lead, and the ergonomic finger grip allows a firm and precise hold throughout the working day. The lead is also available in yellow for darker surfaces, and is advanced in small stages using the green button at the top of the pencil. This button can also be pulled off and used as a sharpener to create a fine point to the lead. The tool also functions as a normal pencil for general marking needs, as well as coming with a holster to ensure it is always to hand.

In addition to the pencil, ACER offers the deep-hole double tipped pen, featuring a reversible tip for the drawing of thick and thin lines and the ability to mark 30mm depth in a 2mm hole. This is highly useful for when the user is marking plans and then moving straight to materials such as plastic and pipes, where differing line thicknesses are needed. The pen’s marks dry very quickly and are highly durable, but can be removed with an industrial wipe if necessary. A similar shape to the pencil, the pen also features a stainless steel shaft, ergonomic finger grip, and a holster for accessibility.

“We also offer a full kit, which includes the pencil, pen, holster and spare leads. This is highly popular because you can get everything you need in one complete set,” explained Robert Mallory, Marketing Manager. “The tools are proving to be a welcome addition to tradesmen’s tool boxes, as it saves them time and hassle and makes their job easier. Generally they say they didn’t know how they lived without it, once they’ve used one.”

After launching the range last year, ACER is constantly working to develop and improve its existing products, as well as expand its range to offer increased value for tradesmen across the country. “We have our own Research and Development team based in the UK, which revises the designs of our current products to ensure the end user is gaining as much value from them as possible. The team is also researching new and exciting products so we can offer a broader product range, and we will be releasing some of these next year.”

If you would like to find out more information, head to the website or get in touch using the contact details below.

T 01245 216540