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Stop Digging and Work Smarter

Building and Facilities News is pleased to present Stop Digging as its Provider of the Month.

Stop Digging is the UK’s leading provider of screw foundation systems for the construction and facilities industry, providing a real sustainable and bio diverse alternative to traditional excavated and concreted foundations.

Strict planning permission is required for all new structures, however, buildings of a particular size such as garden rooms, home gyms, log cabins and chalets can be classified as being temporary, and as such do not need to comply with the same planning rules. Also due to their size and construction they need not be built on traditional foundations. By using the Stop Digging foundation system these types of structures can be located quickly, efficiently, economical and sustainably. Also the screws can be can be extracted to be reinstalled with ease in a new location, should a building or structure needs to be removed or re-located.

So, how does the system work? A series of galvanised screws are driven into the virgin ground in the appropriate configuration and to the same level. These in turn will support the foundation of the building or structure. Stop Digging screws are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit all applications, ground conditions and ground levels; including extreme and sloping sites, making the system highly versatile.

Screws of either 935mm or 1,200mm in length are typically used with a choice of 70mm and 95mm diameter screw heads, being ideal for installing fence posts, carports and barriers. Beam screws, for installing horizontal beams and joists for decks and small building are available in three lengths; 865mm, 1,000mm and 1,200mm. These may include adapter screws, which have an adjustable mounting plate that provides lateral movement where installations call for greater accuracy. The Stop Digging system also has a provision for pipes that can be inserted inside the screw and clamped with bolts, suitable for installing park benches, traffic signs, bollards, waste bins and a host of other street furniture applications.

“Screw foundation systems offer customers the ability to cost-effectively create strong and robust foundations to suit their structural needs, regardless of ground conditions,” explained Darryl Gregory of Stop Digging UK. “A complete foundation system can be installed quickly, efficiently and at a fraction of the cost of conventional foundations. Two skilled installers can provide the foundations for 100m2 buildings in a day, with the foundation being ready to build on immediately saving valuable time on the construction project.”

Stop Digging screw foundations require no excavation, no removal to land fill of excavated material, no importing of concrete, no curing time, no site disruption, and no site repair and re-landscaping. The result being low carbon emissions and per square metre are more economical than traditional foundation methods.

Stop Digging was founded in the UK by Darryl Gregory in 2014, under license from the Swedish parent company which has been trading since 2012. Stop Digging has a worldwide reputation, with a presence in the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Eastern Europe. For more details about using Stop Digging screw foundations, or becoming a Stop Digging licensed installer, contact: +44 (0)115 684 8783.