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The Simulation Centre

At the Coventry University Simulation Centre, our unique courses are based on experiential learning in an immersive environment. By creating a safe place to learn, improve and gain experience, people are able to evaluate their behaviours and improve their knowledge and skills.

COVENTRY EEC 29th Jan 2019

The immersive environment encourages authentic responses and high levels of engagement in the learning process; this leads to greater retention and assimilation of new skills and knowledge.

The Centre has:

  • A 10m curved screen that displays the immersive virtual training environment
  • 8 break out rooms and a further larger meeting room, all connected with audio and CCTV
  • An observation control room, with 5 monitoring stations
  • Interlinked telephone system

Utilising digital technology to create a realistic dynamic virtual site, where the weather can change and vehicles move on the site, the centre ensures that scenarios are safe, relevant and designed to deliver your learning objectives.

The simulations undertaken are based on real work with real people in a real situation. After undertaking the simulation, there is detailed individual feedback which may be followed up with a review of the CCTV footage. This allows the trainee to self-reflect and consolidate their learning before they return to their work and apply their new skills.

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