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The small things make the biggest difference

You can tell a Rapierstar screw because each one has a unique ‘Tri-thread’ hallmark stamped on its head. This is the real mark of performance and quality but is not the only assurance you get with a Rapierstar product.

Celebrating 25 years of design, development and supply of specialist fasteners and fixings, 75% of screws now used in fenestration in the UK and Ireland are Rapierstar products. This is because, over the last quarter century, Rapierstar’s primary objective has been to support its customers with quality of service and products that allows its customers to carry out their projects with minimum of fuss.

Rapierstar’s family of award-winning screws and fasteners include Starpvcu window screws, Starfix direct masonry fixings and Starturn universal wood screws, which also carry CE Marking with full Declarations of Performance and go beyond UK and European quality and performance standards.

There is a huge advantage in using a credible supplier like Rapierstar. Not only do they supply products with all of the necessary accreditations and proof, Rapierstar is also fully knowledgeable in all of the requirements of new and existing quality and security regulations. If you have previously bought fasteners and fixings primarily on price, you may need to review your supply arrangements and ensure a reliable supply of correctly tested and approved components, or risk having a product that doesn’t meet the standard.

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