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The ultimate safety materials manufacturer

Here at Building and Facilities News, we are dedicated to showcasing industry-leading companies who are striving to offer the very best products and services to their customers. For this reason, we have chosen to feature Boplan UK for our Commitment to Excellence profile, for their dedication to the design, development and manufacture of sustainable and essential safety products for residential, commercial and industrial environments.

  Boplan was established in 1998 by Xavier Ramon, with its UK Ltd office beginning in 2016 in Wolverhampton. A global company, Boplan has offices across the world, including in Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands and the USA. Additionally, they have a strong distributor network operating across 20 different countries.
Boplan specialises in designing, developing and manufacturing sustainable and effective fall and collision protection, for use in even the most challenging environments. Boplan’s products are designed to protect people, vehicles, buildings and infrastructure in large warehouses, industrial buildings, factories, airports, drilling platforms and petrochemical sites all around the globe. They use high-quality and high-performance plastics, which, thanks to their many beneficial properties, have proven far superior to traditional materials.

Their diverse range of products includes handrails, safety barriers, guardrails, bollards, goalposts, rack protectors, single axes gate, double axes gate and various types of marking tape.

As one of the biggest names in the safety and security industry sector, Boplan supplies their products to almost any industry. Boplan’s clients range from Abercrombie & Fitch to Walmart, IKEA, Ford, BMW, Caterpillar and Coca-Cola to Exxon, Bayer, Intel, Lockheed Martin and many other well-known names. We asked Dave Smith of Boplan what benefits the company’s products bring to clients that make them unique. He explained, “The modular safety systems of Boplan are the most innovative on the market and protect numerous industrial buildings, warehouses, factories, airports, drilling platforms and (petro) chemical sites worldwide. For each specific application, we have a safety solution.”

He also added, “Boplan provides customers with a single point of contact and a single safety plan to increase safety in the workspace. We look beyond that one specific safety product that other parties offer. Our wide range of safety products allows us to cover a broad spectrum of possible risk situations in the workspace: fall protection, crash protection, anti-skid, and more.”

Indeed, Boplan offers a comprehensive solution for safety in the workplace. Often, companies can be at risk of missing out essential items because they have to use several different suppliers for their safety products. Boplan, on the other hand, offers a one stop shop to cover as broad a range of risk situations as possible, with their family of safety products offering the guarantee that every modular component is fine-tuned to its application.

“In contrast to the classic iron and steel systems used for crash protection, Boplan Flex Impact barriers provide increased impact resistance, even at high collision speeds,” explained David. “At the slightest impact, these security elements will bend and then take on their original shape again.”

A particular product of note is the innovative FLIP kick rail, a robust safety board made from polymer. Its connection pieces enable the user to continuously and efficiently demarcate an area, allowing the quick and easy protection of infrastructure. Offering full ground level protection up to ankle height, it is available in different lengths and covers every angle due to its flexible and modular design with four different connection pieces.
It can be wound around and along drive paths, machines, walls and other building elements without the issue of straight angles, ensuring it is a cost-effective solution for absorbing impacts close to the ground.

Boplan is dedicated to developing outstanding safety products that challenge the current standard in industrial safety. Dave Smith best described the company ethic as, “Because of the passion and the constant desire for innovation of our loyal employees, we want to exceed our customers’ expectations.”
Some exciting changes Boplan underwent recently include new production premises in Moorsele, Belgium. This new building is a model of sustainability and energy efficiency, boasting its own power via solar panels, optimal use of natural light, extensive insulation and even ventilation with air-driven heat pumps. In addition to extending their footprint in the UK, Boplan has plans to develop new products and enter new markets around the world.

Boplan can be found at a number of trade shows throughout the year, having exhibited at several Health and Safety Shows around the UK. Earlier this year, they attended the PROMAT exhibition in Chicago, where Boplan showed off its latest development, the Dock Barrier. This is the most recent addition to the company’s range of polymer safety products, and it is based on two heavy duty bollards which are connected by two horizontal tubes.

These can be lifted up or down using a soft close system; when loading a truck, the Dock Barrier opens, acting as a protection against damage to door tracks, and then when loading is finished, the operator closes the Dock Barrier, at which point it acts as fall protection by preventing operators from falling off the dock.

The Dock Barrier is a truly revolutionary development from Boplan, being the first polymer barrier to comply to OSHA standards for elevated platforms. It will be available for sale later this year, so keep an eye out on Boplan’s newsletter and social media pages to find out when you can purchase it.

Given the fact that guaranteeing health and safety is a legal obligation within the workplace, Boplan’s products are vital elements for any company. If would like to find out more information on Boplan’s full range of products and services, head to their website. Alternatively, get in touch using the contact details below.

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