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The unique advantages of the Polarwall system

Those of you who have investigated and are aware of the construction benefits of Insulating Concrete Formwork systems will probably be aware of the unique advantages of the totally non-modular Polarwall system. As well as the usual ICF benefits of energy efficiency, structural strength, airtight, and high build speeds, this non-modular Polarwall feature allows designers total creative freedom to design without reference to any sets of modular system dimensions, so that the building fits to the design rather than having to design around the modules.

Now the Polarwall team have introduced an innovative build method that uses the largest panels yet seen in any ICF system and that sets new standards in site efficiency.

These large panels can be pre-assembled offsite, or on-site in a ‘Flying Factory’ concept, and are suited to larger structures such as apartments, hotels, schools and offices.

Another new development from the Polarwall team is a revolutionary plastic formwork system for creating perfect separating walls that meet acoustic regulations whilst minimising wall thickness at minimal cost.

These two product developments are already creating huge interest amongst designers, builders and developers so don’t delay… Call Polarwall for more information on 01392 823300 or check out: