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TÜV Rheinland: Precisely right

TÜV Rheinland Group, of which TÜV Rheinland UK Limited is the wholly owned subsidiary, is the leading international body for the certification of safety and quality for products, services and management systems. For over 140 years, TÜV Rheinland Group has been dedicated to supporting innovative technology, promoting the further development of products, services and systems.

TÜV Rheinland Group is a global presence, with multiple locations spread out across Europe, North America, the Asia Pacific and more, boasting over sixty locations around the world. The company tests technical systems, products and services, supports projects, and tests processes for companies and organisations. What’s more, TÜV Rheinland Group uses its unrivalled expertise to train people in an extensive range of careers.

Some of its services include its world renowned and reliable tests for commodities and consumer goods, household goods, laboratory equipment, lighting products, wheelchair and mobility scooters, and many more. Furthermore, TÜV Rheinland Group checks and certifies manufacturer’s claims, determining which technological products comply with the EMC directive 2014/30/EU, as well as applying certification marks for various products, for example ENEC & ENEC+ for lighting.

As an independent, privately operated inspection and testing body, customers can be assured that TÜV Rheinland’s sole interest is in making technical equipment and products safer. For more information, see the contact details below.

T +44 (0)121 7969421