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Who are DALROD Drainage Solutions?

DALROD are an established drainage solutions provider, who have strived to deliver professional and competitive services to our customers’ drainage needs for over 35 years.

We began back in 1985 when we were a small family business, started by the Lane family in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. Since this time we have grown into a prominent nationwide company that is widely recognised throughout the drainage industry. Our ambitious aspirations for growth mean we are constantly expanding, whilst still maintaining the friendly family values we were built upon all those years ago.

Over the years we have developed a dedicated network of local DALROD service centres which are strategically placed throughout the UK, allowing us to provide a genuine 24 hour service to the whole country, seven days a week, all year round.

Our company consists of a talented group of business owners, each responsible for their own individual territory, all working together underneath the wider DALROD company brand to deliver the highest standards possible.

How can we help you?
For us, it is all about partnering with our customers to provide an exceptional service. Let’s face it, drainage services are not everyone’s first choice, it is often something people purchase when in distress, or when something has gone wrong.

Our business wants to change this perception, it is more important that our customers realise to have regular checks and maintenance carried out on drainage systems, particularly for large premises, mitigating the likeliness of costly emergency issues, which is why we offer a complete range of services designed for every scenario.

DALROD are flexible and fully service both commercial and domestic markets. Whatever shape, size or industry your business is operational in, we can provide effective turnkey solutions to the entire commercial sector. Our services also include 24/7 emergency call-out, so our customers can be confident at any time of the day or night that DALROD can solve their drainage issue.

There is more to drainage than you think.

In our long history there isn’t much we haven’t seen or come across in the world of drainage!

People traditionally think of drain rods when it comes to unblocking a drain, however, as professionals within the industry, DALROD have access to advanced equipment and techniques available to help remove nasty blockages.

The services we provide have been developed and perfected over the years, and our team of highly skilled technicians are experienced at helping to identify the correct solution for the job at hand. Working within drainage doesn’t just mean dealing with blockages in pipes, it is a big part of what we do, but there is so much more that we can offer. Whether you have requirements for a property, a project or even an ongoing need for a drainage partner you can be rest assured that we have the perfect service for you.

Our range of services
Drain cleaning and unblocking – We can tackle any drain cleaning or unblocking task safely, swiftly and cost-effectively, leaving your toilets, sinks and drainage free-flowing.

CCTV drain surveys – We provide a live video feed from inside your drains and sewers, allowing us to clearly see what’s going on inside them and, crucially, reveal what is causing your drainage trouble.

Drain and sewer repairs – Our technicians are highly skilled and qualified to repair almost any size or length of drain and sewer pipes

Waste disposal and tanker jetting – If your property or commercial premises has flooded, or you require waste material to be removed and safely disposed of, trust us to get it done safely and efficiently. DALROD have a growing fleet of tankers that are the up to date within the water industry.

Prevention and pre-planned maintenance – A PPM agreement will ensure your drainage system is regularly cleaned and comprehensively inspected – including in the places you can’t see, like interceptors and grease traps – helping to protect against any drainage emergencies. Prevention & Pre-Planned Drain Maintenance | DALROD – 24/7 Drainage Solutions

Septic tank emptying – DALROD specialise in the emptying and cleaning of all residential septic tanks. As a fully accredited and licensed waste carrier, we own a fleet of tankers which can efficiently and effectively remove waste sludge from any type of septic tank.

Homebuyer surveys – Our tailored homebuyer drain survey will examine deep inside the drainage network and closely investigate any current or potential problems.

Further information and details about our wide range of services and the sectors that we service are all available to access on our website at:

Here when our customers need us.

Did we mention the drainage industry does not operate on a standard 9am-5pm day Monday to Friday?

Blockages and flooding can occur at any time of the day or night! We are a genuine 24/7 business and can function with flexibility, designed to suit our customers specific needs.

All you need to do is think drains, think DALROD!

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