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A Knockout 2017 for EGGER

At Building and Facilities News, we take great pride in delivering the best features and profiles for companies that have proven their expertise, unmatched quality of service and commitment to success. As such, as one of the most outstanding companies in the flooring and furniture industry, it is our great pleasure to award EGGER with our esteemed Flooring Company of the Year award.

EGGER traces its roots all the way back to 1961, when the first chipboard plant in St. Johann was commissioned by the company. This set them on the road to making one of the most enviable names for themselves in the industry, opening up and taking over chipboard plants, laminate production facilities, MDF plants and digital printing lines across Europe. Right now, they are one of the largest and most admired manufacturers of wood based panels on the continent, with locations in Germany, Austria, France, Russia, Romania and the UK. They have two facilities in the UK, one in Northumberland and one in Ayrshire. Since setting their footprint in the UK, they have grown to become one of the most relied upon names, with customers up and down the country.

Every year, EGGER purchases over 1.2 million tonnes of wood fibre material for their particle boards, sourced mainly from Scotland and Northern England. Using both Industrial Roundwood, Sawmill Products and Recycled wood, EGGER manufacture everything from construction materials to decorative products. Housebuilders and furniture manufacturers up and down the UK repeatedly turn to EGGER for their high quality, reliable and cost-effective wood based materials. Whether it be structural flooring boards, melamine faced chipboard, MDF boards, sheet laminate, edging, laminate flooring or even fire door cores, EGGER have proven time and time again that they can provide integral, dependable services unrivalled by competitor companies.

The past twelve months have been particularly impressive for EGGER, who have seen significant boosts in sales. We spoke to Gary Muir, EGGER’s Distribution Sales Manager, on how the company has fared over 2017, to which he explained, “The past 12 months have been very successful, but also very difficult with the market situation for particleboard. EGGER have continued to grow and prosper despite the difficult conditions and challenges that have faced the market.

“There have been huge pressures on costs, in particular wood and resin costs, along with the huge devaluation of the Euro which affects many of the raw materials we use. We have also had new investments in 2017 which are now fully operational and working efficiently to enable us to produce the best quality materials. For our building products division we have seen investments totalling over £11m.”

Despite the less than ideal circumstances of the market, EGGER have successfully pulled through thanks to their strong and reputable name which brings in both new and repeat customers yearly, their robust distribution and partnership network, and of course their technically advanced wood manufacturing process. Not only that, but EGGER have made a committed effort to majorly investing in their company, production lines and infrastructure.

Gary explained, “This year alone, EGGER have invested over £10 million in its building products division in North East England. This includes a new Tongue and Groove panel processing and packaging line with further processing facilities and a lamination line.

“At a cost of approximately £5 million, the new Tongue and Groove line is helping us to strengthen our position and commitment within the UK construction industry. Meanwhile our £6 million lamination line is helping to secure and grow production capabilities for our market-leading melamine faced boards including EGGER Protect.”

When it comes to EGGER’s construction, customers have a wide and varied selection to choose from. From chipboard flooring to OSB to adhesives, EGGER provides everything needed to help customers build their dream property. EGGER Protect is one of their most highly sought after products and the only chipboard flooring on the market that, once laid, can be exposed to the British weather for up to 60 days. The market leading structural flooring panel is made of EGGER P5 flooring grade chipboard and features an anti-slip, weather resistant surface layer. Whether for use in new buildings, refurbishment or renovation, the board is the perfect flooring system, offering increased damage resistance, the ability to be tiled directly onto, and even compatibility with underfloor heating.

L-R: Gary Muir, Sales Distribution Manager, Andy Chard, Northern Sales Rep, Rob Chrowne, Ireland Sales Rep, Dan Soulsby, National House Builder Manager, Michael Tozer, Southern Sales Rep, Phil Broadbent, Midlands Sales Rep, Alan White, Director of Sales

EGGER Protect is part of a portfolio of structural flooring boards with enhanced moisture resistant properties, which also includes EGGER P5 and EGGER Peel Clean Xtra. These tongue and groove boards are part of the company’s innovative Advanced Structural Flooring System. Designed to save time, money and manpower, this tried and tested system combines three components: EGGER tongue and groove structural flooring boards, EGGER D4 Joint and Joist Adhesive and a simple six-step installation process. When these are all used in the recommended way, the installation is backed by the EGGER Lifetime Guarantee.

Decorative flooring is yet another specialism; with EGGER helping client’s finding the most ideal flooring for their needs. Aware that all floors are different, EGGER take into consideration everything from stress to room type (bathroom/corridor etc) to moisture resistance, design and more to ensure you get the most ideal floor for you. If you are seeking flooring for a bedroom, EGGER have a diverse selection of laminate flooring available. Boasting an innovative Self-Repair feature, these floors are specially designed to withstand dents, so there’s no need to worry about falling toys, lamps or anything else harming your floor!

EGGER’s stellar worktop range is also highly lauded, noted for its sturdy and stylish qualities. As EGGER can provide all elements of kitchen design, from doors to end panels to worktops, clients can enjoy a uniform and co-ordinated design in the desired colour scheme, shade, material or effect of their choosing.

Every year is a busy year for EGGER, with events, trade shows, award shows and new facilities opening all year around. Over the course of November, the company displayed their decorative materials offering at the #DesignPopUp event in Manchester, showcasing the much anticipated EGGER Decorative Collection 2017-2019. With 170 decors, 44 new designs and two new textures, the range has made waves in the industry and garnered significant attention for being EGGER’s most comprehensive collection to date. It also includes an innovative new room visualisation software, a free of charge service that allows users to see their imagined designs digitally recreated, with over 80 room settings available.

July saw EGGER achieve a huge accomplishment by acquiring the Masisa plant in Concordia, Argentina, allowing EGGER to further extend their footprint around the world. As EGGER’s first production site outside Europe, it was a momentous occasion celebrated by the entire company. Further celebrations were in order later in the year, as in October 2017, EGGER successfully launched the construction of their brand new plant in Poland. As EGGER’s 19th plant, the Biskupiec based plant will have ultra-modern facilities and state of the art technology, creating a staggering 1000 jobs for the Warmia-Masuria region. Likewise, EGGER are determined to contribute to the improvement of the UK housing market, making further investments so that all UK homeowners can rest assured knowing they have the full help of EGGER at their back.

It’s been a standout year for EGGER but they show no signs of slowing down. You can catch them next year in Hannover for the Domotex 2018 show, between the 12th-15th January, where they will showcase the EGGER Pro collection for specialist distributors and the EGGER Home collection for the DIY sector.

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