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Industry leading curtain track systems from Goelst

Building and Facilities News is proud to announce that Goelst has been selected as our Interior Products Company of the Month, for its comprehensive range of high quality curtain track systems suitable for an extensive range of applications.

Goelst was established in 1979 by Rolf Goelst, with its UK branch created in 1991 in Harrogate. As an international company working from its headquarters in Holland, Goelst has distributors across the world, supplying the global contract market with its extensive range of top quality curtain rail and blind systems. These provide fixing options for most surface finishes, and many of the profiles can be pre-formed to accommodate a customer’s requirements. With its own Research and Development department, Goelst boasts numerous patents and design protections, offering intelligent solutions and creative innovations which are setting standards across the industry.

“Our curtain rail systems can be manual, electric or cord operated,” explained Mark Reeves, Director, “our products are available in component form for contract customers who prefer to carry stock, or assembled ready for installation. We offer excellent technical support, on-site support, and comprehensive advice to ensure the client gets the right product for their requirements. Over the past few years, we’ve been increasingly involved in developing highly technical products with designers and architects, so we have a really broad offering.”

With the majority of its clients in the contract soft furnishings industry, the end users of Goelst’s products tend to be involved with the hospitality, healthcare, and commercial industries, as well as automotive and marine companies who use Goelst’s technology for motorhomes and cruise ships.

“Increasingly, our products are supplied into the residential market. The electrically operated systems in particular are perfect for security purposes; they can be programmed to open and close automatically with an integrated timer, creating simulated residency when a property is left unattended. They are also useful for environmental control applications which can be integral to someone’s wellbeing in assisted living, for example – it’s amazing to be a major part of someone’s day to day life in this way.”

With excellent quality products offered at competitive rates and with a five-year warranty, Goelst is unmatched in the high standards it adheres to. What’s more, this product range is underpinned by a steadfast commitment to its customers’ satisfaction.

“People don’t just come to Goelst for our products; they come for our knowledge and ability to fulfil their designs and projects on time and to the highest quality, as well as our excellent service, support and after sales care,” Mark said.

Goelst’s latest offering is the G-Motion Curtain track system. “This features a technically advanced design to suit almost any application – it’s been received very well so far,” Mark explained.

Indeed, G-Motion’s modular design means the system has an outstanding set of added functionalities, including curtain protection systems, tandem and duo support of motors, and a variety of input voltages. Furthermore, it can be integrated with home automation systems thanks to a variety of open protocols with numerous customisable options, and is compatible with Goelst’s high quality curtain tracks and accessories. What’s more, G-Motion boasts impact resistant and bendable aluminium rails with powder coating to enable a silent and smooth glide, along with self-lubricating and UV-resistant gliders which are built from high quality materials.

“We launched G-Motion to the trade at the Smart Home Expo at Naidex. We had a great response, and we were surprised at how wide the spread of interest was, from environmental control companies, designers, to AV consultants, so it was very encouraging.”

As well as this, Goelst has been working on an increasing number of customised and bespoke projects for our clients. “In the last few years, we’ve had a number of requests for custom shapes, curves and colours, for example. We’ve also recently been working on a particular project which has been wonderful to be involved in. Our customer came to us because they didn’t believe anyone else could deliver the design – our client is on site installing the project as we speak and having seen the installation almost complete, I’m confident that the end result will be stunning. It will be exciting to see the project come to fruition in the near future.

“It has been a challenging 12 months. Full of ups and downs, which, as a small company, is felt across the whole team. There’s been a lot of uncertainty in the market, so it has been challenging on a business level, but we’ve also been involved in some great and exciting projects. As we look to the future, we will be investing in new equipment to increase our product range, especially within our roller blind offering, as well as capitalising on the release of our G-Motion system.”

Indeed, with a firm foundation of experience, expertise and unmatched service, Goelst’s future releases are no doubt highly anticipated throughout its global network of customers. If you would like to find out more information on the company’s full range of products and services, head to the website or get in touch using the contact details below.

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