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Award-winning low carbon cooling solutions

Cool-Therm has been listed as our highly deserved Air Conditioning Specialist of the Month, we are pleased to announce here at Building and Facilities News.

The organisation’s roots date back to 1992 with founder Ken Strong, who helped the brand to flourish across the year’s right up until his retirement at the end of 2016. Following this the remaining members of the management team purchased the business and have since maintained Ken’s work ethic and kept the Cool-Therm name synonymous with values that are predominantly family-focused and customer-driven.

The reputable air condition refrigeration company, which was originally based in Bristol but now occupies additional office facilities in Cardiff, Reading, London and Birmingham, is recognised as a principal specialist in the niche that is industrial and commercial water chillers. Its workforce is well practiced in designing, installing and maintaining these particular components for the purposes of process, data and comfort cooling.

Cool-Therm’s Director, Robert Young, told us more. “We are specialists in high quality energy saving products,” he commented. “Be it through advanced design or quality maintenance, we ensure a complete understanding of the clients’ needs and implement suitable designs and improvements that enable the customer to save money and reduce their carbon footprint (both at the point of implementation and through the lifecycle of the plant).”

At the heart of the company’s award-winning product lines – which is based on the ultra-effective cooling and air conditioning of buildings, data centres and process applications – is its flagship product, the well-received Turbomiser chiller. This particular brand is built by Geoclima and was developed specifically to entitle significant carbon reduction, a prospect that is central to Cool-Therm.

The Turbomiser is advantageous in the respect that it saves up to 50% of energy (when compared with conventional chillers), delivering a strong cooling capability whilst drastically cutting running costs and emissions. In addition, for greater customer choice, the product is now available for purchase in a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) HFO refrigerant version.

Other products of note include the established Dynamic Noise Control (DNC), which was strategically devised to limit the sounds emitted by chillers on an automatic (and pre-set) basis, ‘Cool-Therm Chillers’, Clima Tech air handling units, and functional in-rack & on-rack cooling for data centres. As well as distributing and installing these units, the team are more than happy to service and maintain all makes of commercial and industrial cooling and air conditioning systems where required.

The low carbon, professional air conditioning structures are ideal for use in retail stores, offices, hospitals, hotels, data centres and universities and as a result the Cool-Therm customer base is relatively varied; comprising everyone from blue chip companies and banks to users who have an environmental focus and a demand for high quality precision engineering.

When asked about the organisation’s plans for the future, Robert said, “This year we are focusing on AUE working with universities across the country to improve their portfolio of large capacity and power hungry cooling equipment. We have a strong vision for the future in terms of both continuing to improve our products’ environmental impact and focusing on the move away from HFC refrigerants. We also have a medium term vision to set up a training academy which will focus specifically on the training of engineers who will be working on water chillers.”

If you would like to find out more about this innovative supplier of high efficiency cooling, heat pump and air flow solutions, which resourcefully enhances environments by overcoming difficult dimensional and low noise challenges, then please don’t hesitate to contact Cool-Therm today.

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