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Here at Building and Facilities News we are incredibly proud to present Hambleside Danelaw as our respected Roofing Solutions Provider of the Month.

Dryseal Flat Roofing System
Dryseal Flat Roofing System

The company, which was originally established in 1976 as Hambleside Manufacturing Ltd, operates from its headquarters in Northamptonshire, England (an office and manufacturing plant) and an additional factory facility in Inverness, Scotland.

Hambleside Danelaw boasts a wide range of building solutions; engineering everything from GRP flashings, GRP profiled rooflights, wall lights and cladding to Dryseal GRP roofing systems and roof, cavity and underfloor ventilation products and ancillaries. These innovative roofing products, which are predominantly made from fibreglass (GRP) and moulded plastic, are extensively appreciated for their exceptional quality and cost-effectiveness.

“Due to the scope and range of products supplied our customer base is equally varied,” Group Marketing Executive Lottie Thornton-Hazel explained. “The common denominator is the roofing contractor; this could be a contractor working for a house builder or local housing authority through to a cladding specialist constructing a vast industrial warehouse. Through our CPD programme we also work with architects and consulting engineers to ensure they are aware of the latest solutions available from Hambleside Danelaw.”

The company is split into three departments which concentrate on different roofing specialisms. The first is the roofing & ventilation division, which provides pitched roofing ancillary solutions (pre-formed valley troughs, vents, soakers, dry verges, gutters and GRP flashings) for roof junction detail and structure security. Rooflights, wall lights & cladding form the second strand; low-carbon components designed for building energy performance, and the roofing systems segment focuses on the production and supply of the Dryseal mechanically-fixed GRP flat roofing membrane system.

The Zenon range is of particular significance, as the recently rebranded array of rooflights available offer 30% greater light transmission when compared to the more traditional prototypes. An enhanced thermal performance and reduced carbon footprint is made possible with the Zenon Insulator core and incorporated materials.

Roofing and Ventilation
Roofing and Ventilation

In terms of recent advancements, Hambleside Danelaw has just released its interlocking dry verge system as the newest component to its dry fix line. Designed for quick and easy installation, the system comprises a market leading 355mm maximum batten gauge and clip over design suitable for usage on both roof refurbishments and new builds.

When asked about the company’s plans for the future, Lottie concluded, “We continually endeavour to be an environmentally responsible manufacturer, working to reduce our production waste and carbon footprint through product innovation and sophisticated manufacturing processes. Our focus in the short term is to ensure that our customers can benefit from the new 30,000ft production facility at Daventry, an extension which we plan to have this up and running later this summer.

“Our ranges are original and over the years we have listened to industry feedback to fine hone our designs because we strive to deliver time-saving solutions to the end user. We constantly review our product offering to ensure it satisfies our customers’ current and future needs and we are pleased to announce that we have some exciting developments in the pipeline that we look forward to bringing to the market over the coming months.”

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