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Chalk Paint Maker and Waxer launched by Polyvine

With flat matt finishes predicted to be a leading style trend, chalk paint is a great sales option both short term and for the coming season. Until now, offering the velvety smooth, chalky finish could mean limitations in terms of colour matching as even the best ranges have a limit to the colours available, but with the latest Polyvine chalk paint maker launch, the whole market has changed for the better.

The new and unique chalk paint maker product from specialist paint and varnish manufacturer, Polyvine can be mixed with any colour of standard matt emulsion to produce a one off chalk paint in any choice of colour.

Easy for the consumer to produce at home – or for in store preparation – all the retailer has to do is supply a good colour range of standard matt emulsion alongside the new Polyvine chalk paint maker. Sold together, the entire consumer has to do is to mix it in a ratio of two parts emulsion to one part Polyvine chalk paint maker and the resulting chalk paint will give the chosen colour and exactly the same coverage as the base emulsion with exactly the same drying time.

Perfect for a sympathetic historic or vintage look and ensuring a dead flat finish, the resulting chalk paint is low odour, and can be used on many different surfaces including wood, stone, ceramic, primed metal and primed matt plastic.

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