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Change is in the air with Radiana launch

New intelligent climate control product launches at Canary Wharf apartments. The launch was held at the prestigious Pan Peninsula apartments at Canary Wharf, where the Radiana team has been commissioned to install the modular plasterboard ceiling panel system in six penthouse apartments.

The launch saw Radiana pitched as the hidden indoor climate control system which combines design, product, controls and after-sales support. It also presented its challenge against the specification of other air cooling systems in residential, commercial & leisure space, by positioning itself as a healthier, more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional air conditioning.

It doesn’t dehydrate rooms, it doesn’t move air around circulating germs and it has lower running costs than air conditioning. It also provides a consistent temperature right across a room, maintaining this within a negotiable ±0.5°C. It sets the right temperature, manages humidity levels and improves air quality to provide the end user with a comfortable, healthy environment in which to live, work or play. Radiant cooling is a technology used to cool buildings based on heat absorption through cold surfaces. Hot always travels to cold, so Radiana ceiling panels are made cooler than the rest of the room.

Radiana provides us with healthy and environmentally friendly way to cool our buildings – so much so that the International Well Building Institute has recognised radiant cooling under its Well v2 standard, promoting the positive impacts of buildings on human health and wellness.

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