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The Payaca story

We started out with a simple idea: to bring small businesses and customers together by building a platform that connects them with simple, fast finance options.

Homeowners often have unexpected costs which are difficult to budget for, or want to get started on a big home improvement project and spread the cost across a number of months. Customers needing to finance work could previously only use large companies who offered this and usually at a premium cost.

It felt like there was an inherent challenge within the industry.

We saw an opportunity to change this.

Our mission is to build a great platform that increases options for customers, connecting them to the best rates on the market, keeping the prices down and ensuring that tradespeople don’t lose work through lack of finance options.

At Payaca we build everything with three principles in mind – it needs to be simple, it needs to be fast, and it needs to create genuine value for all users. We’re driven by a desire to level the playing field and ensure businesses of all sizes have equal opportunities to grow.

We got started in 2018 and have been working hard since then.

We’re constantly looking for ways to make the experience even better – we’d love to hear from you with any questions or thoughts, please get in touch via: