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Here at Building and Facilities News, we are delighted to present Cool-Therm as our prestigious Air Conditioning Specialist of the Year.

Ever since its establishment in 1992 by founder Ken Strong, Cool-Therm has been impressing customers with its award-winning range of low-carbon cooling solutions. Despite a management buyout altering the structure of the business in 2016 (following Ken’s retirement), the organisation has continued to go from strength to strength and its personnel has remained true to its deep-rooted family-based and customer-oriented values.

The forward-thinking supplier of high performance cooling, heat pump and air flow innovations promises customers efficiency and reliability as a recognised expert in the development and distribution of professional air conditioning structures. Specialising in industrial and commercial water chillers, the group can competently design, install and maintain this equipment for various process, data and comfort cooling applications.

L-R: Rob Young, Director, Justin Fisher, Projects Manager, Martin Sharman, Regional Sales Manager, Sean O’Grady, Sales Engineer & Richard Creber, Services Manager

Cool-Therm’s Director Robert Young told us how pleased he is with the progressive path the company is taking, referring in particular to the last 12 months, “2016 was an amazing year for us; we were especially active in the city of London and undertook several technically challenging chiller and heat pump projects for which we won three industry awards – the H&V News Award, Architects Journal, and ACR Heat Pump Awards.

“Last year also represented massive growth for Cool-Therm in terms of both equipment and project sales, and it also saw an increased portfolio of service and maintenance customers. 2017, which also happens to be our 25th anniversary, is looking set to be another good year whereby we will maintain this stable level of growth.”

The success experienced has been prominent within a cross-section of markets, as the quality products have been extensively utilised in retail stores, offices, hospitals, hotels, data centres and universities across the country. Its varied customer base was built progressively and now includes everyone from blue chip companies and banks to users who have an environmental focus and a demand for precision engineering excellence.

This widespread popularity is largely due to the company’s winning combination of focused customer service, energy-saving solutions and ability to fulfil individual client needs with its advanced design and development competencies. Businesses across different sectors have been attracted to Cool-Therm because of the major advantages it offers; this includes a significant reduction of their carbon footprint and cost cuts at the point of implementation and during the entire plant lifecycle.

One of the company’s most notable innovations is the Turbomiser™. The bestseller is placed at the heart of its offering and has sold well as an ultra-efficient HFO Turbocor based chiller devised by Geoclima. The flagship product stands out within the market because of its ability to save up to 50% of energy (when compared to conventional chillers) whilst decreasing running rates and emissions.

Because Cool-Therm is constantly striving for progression, the team have since taken the Turbomiser to the next level with the introduction of Circlemiser. This is more advanced in the sense it has all the strengths associated with the original system but can guarantee, in addition, an increased air cooled surface area without heightening the footprint of the machine.

Other recognisable products include the warmly received Dynamic Noise Control (DNC), which was strategically devised to limit the sounds emitted by chillers on an automatic (and pre-set) basis, ‘Cool-Therm Chillers’, Clima Tech air handling units, and functional in-rack & on-rack cooling for data centres.

As well as additions to its product range, Cool-Therm has expanded massively over the course of its existence in regards to facility acquisition. The air condition refrigeration business was originally found solely in Bristol but the increased demand for its services and solutions led to heavy investments in further plant; namely, the establishment of offices in Cardiff, Reading, London and Birmingham.

“We have been busy rolling out significant changes with our marketing and the way our website works,” Robert said conclusively when asked to discuss recent movements and upcoming plans. “We have also taken on new talent to ensure we are moving with the latest technologies, essentially keeping ahead of the curve and maintaining a competitive advantage.

“We will continue developing and taking our range of Green (HFO) and ultra-efficient chillers to market, however we want 2017 to have a real focus on developing our service and maintenance offering. Our team are very proud and honoured to have won this award from Building and Facilities News; it is testament to the hard work and dedication that we have all put in over the past 25 years.”

Contacting Cool-Therm will enable you to resourcefully enhance your working environments; overcoming difficult dimensional and low noise challenges to make day-to-day operations more comfortable and user-friendly. To find out how you and your workforce can benefit then please get in touch with a company representative at your convenience.

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